24 Hours With Pablo Coppola

6:30AM My alarm’s the classic version from the iPhone, but I almost never use it because I tend to wake up naturally. I’m definitely not a light sleeper—I can doze off during a concert!

6:35AM It is straight to the bath for me. I usually take 30 minutes to get ready. My approach to personal style is: Don’t overthink it. What I wear to work really depends on the first thing I grab from my wardrobe. Otherwise, my go-to uniform is a t-shirt, chinos and sneakers. I’m not someone who wears my emotion on my sleeves… But if I’m a little down, I tend to wear more black. My favourite scent to wear to work is Frederic Malle’s Portrait of a Lady. I know the name’s not great, but the smell is memorable. I’ve been loyal to this brand for a few years now.

7:15AM I don’t like to have anything for breakfast. I can’t eat anything until lunchtime. I also try to leave my house no later than this timing to skip rush hour because the journey to the office can take me anything from 20 minutes to an hour. I’ve been living in London’s Islington district for a few years now and I like it because I have everything I need a few blocks away—friends included.

7:32AM I usually call my dad or friends to catch up during the commute to work. I sometimes just look out of the taxi and take in the scenery. The city’s embankment provides quite a view en route, too.

7:45AM Coffee, forever! I have a few coffees as soon as I reach the office.

8:00AM My office has floor-to-ceiling windows, so it’s like a fish bowl in the sky. I love that it has amazing light. I’ve filled it with everything I love, such as books, toys, pictures and moodboards. I like spending time in it, so I guess that’s a good sign? I also blast pumping loud music when I work, which is probably annoying for the rest of the people in the office. I’m always ready for a little dance!

10:00 AM I find myself most productive either early in the morning or late at night. I’ve learnt a lot from my past experiences at various fashion houses before the move to Bally. After all, when you start working at a young age, you’re absorbing everything like a sponge. When I joined Bally in 2014, I was totally amazed by the vast amount of women’s shoes we have in our archives. There are more than 34,000 pairs! In the two years I’ve been here, a principle guiding my work for the brand is to look forward with a foot in the past. I also want people to know that flat shoes can be sexy; that shoulder straps aren’t needed on every bag; that high heels are not always uncomfortable if they’re well-made. As for social media’s influence on fashion, I don’t enjoy the immediacy, but it’s without a doubt changing the way we look at fashion. I’m not a big consumer of it as well—I only check out Instagram.

1:25PM I break for lunch only when I’m hungry. I often have a Turkey Milanese, a superfood salmon salad or Eggs Royale. I don’t eat oysters and snails.

24 Hours With Pablo Coppola
Bally fall/ winter 2016

8:00PM I leave the office around this time, but I end work much later if we have fittings. I don’t bring home work to do because I’d rather stay late. I keep a notebook that contains notes, to-do lists and doodles, but somehow, I never look at it. I stay organised, thanks to Felicity, Bally’s studio coordinator. She remembers things for me.

8:30PM Dinner’s usually at home with my partner. I don’t cook—I just eat. But if we go out, it’s usually with friends from work and to a place close to home so I can go straight to bed faster. I enjoy a good steak and a very cold beer. If I’m celebrating something, I’ll probably have a tequila on the rocks. Simplicity and good company always work. Cheese is one of my guilty pleasures. I love cheese.

10:35PM I think television is seriously competing with cinema. I love watching programmes such as The Good Wife, Modern Family, Empire, Inside Amy Schumer, Saturday Night Live and House of Cards… The list can go on forever.

12:00AM I slather on some Crème de La Mer. I unwind by trying to read, but I almost always fall asleep even before turning the first page. I love the linen from The Conran Shop in Marylebone. The texture’s fantastic and the bedsheets come in great colours, too. I just need a few hours of sleep to feel afresh, which is probably why I’m not so disciplined when it comes to a time to head to bed. For me, the later, the better. I like to think that I’ll have all the sleep I want when I die.

24 Hours With Pablo Coppola

By Gerald Tan