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Singapore Fashion Week marks the end of a slew of fashion weeks that happened all over the globe. BAZAAR editors were hopping from Paris to Milan to Seoul and what better way to mark the end of the Spring/Summer 2018 runway collections than to have our home, Singapore as the finale. With a diverse showing of designers from the region, Singapore Fashion Week (SGFW) is not just a platform for these designers, but is also a means for Singapore to be a hub in the Southeast Asian fashion market. And for our international audience, it indicates our pride for our rich and vibrant cultures and proof that there are plenty of creative fashion talents in this part of the globe.

As the final chapter of SGFW 2017, we are bringing you the highlights of the event and the best moments that are worth revisiting:

1. Harper’s BAZAAR Asia New Gen Fashion Awards 2017

Of course, we might be a tad biased but we are truly proud of our regional New Gen finalists who battled it out for the top prize of $10,000! Beyond just a competition, giving young rising talents a spotlight is the fundamental aim of New Gen and is something worth celebrating. From Indonesia’s Michelle Tjong’s pristine white collection to the dark, bold glamour of Thailand’s Theeratat Thaninbenjakul, the pieces that walked down the runway showed craftsmanship beyond their years.

New Gen
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Ultimately, we were delighted that Singapore’s very own Phua Chun Huen took home the prize with his display of wonderful technical knowledge and breadth of textile understanding on top a very sound business plan for this own future brand. He was the whole package and we cannot forget his awestruck face when he heard his name being called out by the host, Fiona Fussi as the winner of New Gen 2017. A well-deserved win!

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2. BAZAAR’s High Tea With Nicole Warne

This is not just your average tea session! The fashion industry’s movers and shakers and influencers alike mingled under one roof with upcoming local designers and our very own New Gen finalists for an afternoon of meaningful conversations and new connections. Held at Beast & Butterflies at M Social, it was a leisurely afternoon filled with sweet treats, beautiful flowers and even more beautiful people. From our loyal BAZAAR readers to the prominent local names in fashion, it was a melange of people gathering over food and drinks and connecting on so many levels. EIC Kenneth Goh and mega fashion influencer, Nicole Warne also spoke at the event. All in all, some much appreciated down time during the madness that is fashion week and a time to foster relationships between brands and individuals in fashion.


Not everything that happens on fashion week happens on the runways. A lot of times, meaningful highlights and events happen off the runway. One such example would be ZIPCODE, a two-day fashion tech summit that aims to connect people in the fashion industry and leaders in the retail and tech industry. It’s the business side of fashion that we rarely talk about or pay attention to, because it is less glamorous than the designs and faces that walk the runway. However, that doesn’t discredit its importance. After all, fashion is business. Held at LASELLE, the summit helps to educate and create discussions amongst young, aspiring designers or young adults who are looking to go into retail fashion. Speaking in one of the panels were Jason Wu and Nicole Warne and we had EIC Kenneth Goh moderating the talk. It was a great platform that broke the fourth wall between industry professionals and aspiring fashion enthusiasts.

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4. MODESTyle Showcases

Finally! Modest fashion had a proper, designated showing at Singapore Fashion Week and the diverse set of modest fashion designers made waves with their innovative creations that might surprise the average fashionphile. Designers such as Dian Pelangi from Indonesia and and Jovian Mandagie from Malaysia awed the crowd with unexpected designs that not only paid homage to their roots, but had a definite modern twist to them. For instance, Dian Pelangi’s fabrics are all hand-printed and unique to her designs. Coloured wooden panels were her chosen accents, adding interest to her pieces.

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While her work is slightly more traditional in terms of modest fashion, Jovian’s pieces mixed athleisure with modest fashion with fuzzy caps and slip-on sandals. And we are just highlighting two of the many talented designers from all over Asia, who open the eyes of fashion critics with their incredible artistry and creativity. Some of the most skilled designers were in the MODESTyle showcases and for Singapore Fashion Week to provide such a great platform for them is wonderful.

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5. Whole9Yards, Lai Chan And A Host Of Local Designers

Local designers often times struggle to be heard as their creative voices are drowned by the large maisons that rule the global fashion industry. People are too quick to look to the West for their next outfit inspiration or fashion piece to lust over. Singapore Fashion Week lends the talented young designers of Singapore a microphone to help them speak their mind through showcasing their collections. And more often than not, we are pleasantly surprised by the creative yet wearable pieces that strut down the runway.

From the intricate lace details and sheer feminine creations from Whole9Yards to the modernizing and reinterpretation of the traditional cheongsam by Lai Chan, it was a sight to behold. Many gems walked down the runway that now will be in the public radar as SGFW help not just the media discover new talents, but also investors and average consumers as well.

“I am so proud of our participation at this year’s Singapore Fashion Week. The talent that we had at our Harper’s BAZAAR Asia New Gen Fashion Award really took sophistication, tailoring and a showcase of talent to another level. The talk with Jason Wu and Nicole Warne was a great discussion on fashion disruption in this digital era and the one word to take away is “authenticity”. The final event we held with the BAZAAR High Tea with Nicole was just wonderful for her to meet her fans and our readers in Singapore and share her thoughts on the most prolific apps you should download as well as her tips on what makes a brilliant Instagram image! All that plus loads of photo ops with picture perfect corners dotted throughout Beast and Butterflies. An exhilarating week for all!”