zoolander 2
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It was perhaps themoment of Paris Fashion Week.

Forget Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto’s matching platinum locks and Lottie Moss’ runway debut – all the fashion industry talked about for weeks after the end of the February autumn/winter 2015 shows was Derek Zoolander and his rival Hansel closing the Valentino show.

So just what do we know about the upcoming sequel?

1. Cara Delevingne might have a cameo
Rumours that the model-turned-actress would be starring in the film began circulating last year, but after pictures of the 22-year-old posing with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson (in character) after the Valentino show appeared online, we can only assume this is all but a dead cert.

2. Some of the action will take place in Paris
The duo were spotted filming near the Eiffel Tower after their runway cameo, which leads us to deduce that a) the action will take place in the French capital and b) it’s likely that the Valentino show will feature, too.

3. Justin Theroux has penned the script
Jennifer Aniston’s fiancé has been attached to the project since 2010, when he was announced to write and direct the proposed sequel. Theroux has a memorable cameo in the original 2001 film, playing the DJ at the fashion show whose music brainwashes Zoolander. Whether he will also have a role in the follow-up remains to be seen.

4. The action will take place in the present day   
Stiller was quoted in 2010 saying: “I think the idea in the beginning of the movie is that it’s 10 years later, and Derek and Hansel are literally forgotten. Nobody remembers who they are, so they have to reinvent themselves.”

5. The film is out in 2016
The official release date is 12 February 2016. Best get practising your Blue Steel.

Watch the trailer below:

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From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK