Chauemt Captures What It Really Means To Be Loved At Last
Photo: Chaumet

As springtime draws near, euphoria arises to the fresh sight of flowers and spring weddings. It is a magical time to love, and be loved…Oh what a feeling! When it comes to love, it is all about the zsa-zsa-zsu (that tingling passion in you when you not only love the person, but you got to have them) and the story told in Chaumet‘s new bridal campaign – a wedding in the heart of Paris- encapsulates every feeling perfectly. With over 230 years of rich history, you can count on the sparkly maison to make you feel special on your big day – diamond-tiara-special! A Chaumet signature.

For those of you who are walking down the aisle this spring or perhaps anticipating to be engaged, have a pause and smell the peonies. Put to paper how you feel cause like flowers, the details of your memories will also fade and what you do not want, is to remember saying “I do” and only recalling just as little when explaining how you felt leading up to that moment.

By James Lennon Tan