A well-deserved promotion, a first home, the arrival of a baby… For the past two decades, PANDORA’s highly customisable Moments charm bracelet has enabled women to celebrate life’s best moments with charms that speak to the heart, thanks to the brand’s encompassing range of designs that appeal to every personality, style and occasion. As VP Creative Directors Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli say: “They are little time capsules that represent a special moment, person or memory. Each charm holds a story and invites you to share it with friends and family.”

Build your life story with each new charm to your bracelet, for a tale that’s truly you

This month, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its empowering icon, the Danish jewellery brand has released new designs that allow women to continue to showcase their individualistic style while building their stories. In addition to the myriad of new charms that have been introduced into PANDORA’s signature Icons collection are two new snake chain bracelets with stylish designs that come with secure closures: The PANDORA Moments Sliding Magnetic Clasp Snake Chain bracelet with a sleek magnetic closure and the PANDORA Moments T-Bar Snake Chain bracelet with a T-bar closure engraved with the snake chain pattern. Complementing these are a charm, a pendant, earrings and a ring inspired by the snake chain’s distinctive pattern.

“We want to inspire women to play with their own style, not dictate it to them,” says Terzo and Ficarelli. “Who determines what is beautiful and what isn’t? It’s subjective. Style choices reflect how you express yourself and our jewellery amplifies that idea. You can create and recreate your look depending on which side of yourself you want to show on a given day.”

The men behind Pandora’s designs, Francesco Terzo (left) and A. Filippo Ficarelli

The Storytellers

Pandora’s VP Creative Directors Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli on a timeless 20-year icon

September marks the 20th anniversary of the iconic Pandora Moments charm bracelet. What does this milestone mean to you?

We’re celebrating two decades of empowering people to tell their own stories through jewellery. With the birth of the Pandora Moments charm bracelet, we discovered a widespread passion for collecting, self-expression and jewellery that goes beyond status or trends, and instead is profoundly and personally meaningful. Now is a time to reflect on our heritage, the storytelling in our brand DNA and look ahead to how we will keep evolving in the future.

There is a particular focus on the snake chain as part of this celebration. Can you tell us more about this?

The snake chain bracelet was the first Pandora Moments bracelet designed and launched 20 years ago and has since become an iconic canvas on which people can tell their stories and express themselves. When we first began working with the snake chain, we fell in love with it and realised the potential it had to metamorphose into a common motif across many different designs. It’s detailed yet simple, with a texture that creates movement and an interesting play between light and shadow. The snake chain is so popular that we decided to, in a way, distil its essence by isolating its pattern and reimagining some of our favourite existing Pandora pieces by applying the new pattern. We also created a range of new pieces centred around this idea and the snake chain pattern. We see this as the ideal way to celebrate Pandora’s past and weave it into our future.

What are your favourite styling combinations?

We like stacking the bracelets with a mix of different closures and metals to achieve an interesting layered effect: For instance, pairing the Pandora Moments T-Bar Snake Chain Bracelet and Pandora Moments Sliding Magnetic Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet, or teaming sterling silver with Pandora Rose. Our new ring, featuring the snake chain pattern in varying dimensions, has oxidised detailing on the sterling silver that contrasts with the sparkle of pavé. The concept of duality in this range was very interesting to us: The juxtaposition of bands within the ring, or the charm and earrings with the snake chain pattern on one side and pavé on the other.

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