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Light is essential to our vision, but too much of it can also be damaging to our eyes. Just think about it—because of our urbanised lifestyles, we are all exposed to increasing levels of light, both natural and artificial, on a daily basis. Besides the glare of the afternoon sun, we also find ourselves facing multiple digital-device screens for a large part of the day, as well as the blinding lights one often encounters on the road when driving at night. There’s no wonder, then, that our eyes are left feeling strained and fatigued at the end of the day.

Did you know it’s scientifically proven that repetitive exposure to intense light can create a cumulative effect and have an impact on eye health? This is why protecting your eyes and eyesight is so important, if you want to keep them in good shape in time to come. Other than consciously taking rest breaks away from digital devices, it’s also necessary to shield them with the right eyewear when one is at work or play, as well as out and about.

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Smart lenses made for the urbanite

Transitions’ “light-intelligent” optical lenses can offer effective protection in this respect, and provide those who suffer from light sensitivity the relief they are looking for. Whether it’s the Gen8 or XTRActive version, all Transitions lenses block 100 per cent of UVA and UVB rays light, protect your eyes against the bright glare of sunlight, harmful blue light, as well as reduce glare, eye strain and fatigue by optimising the amount of light your eyes receive.

These light-activated lenses are known for being photochromic, which means that they transform seamlessly from clear to dark in mere seconds, adjusting automatically to changing light levels as well as the temperature of the environment the wearer is in. In other words, they darken when you’re outdoors in the sun, and then fade to a clear state again when you go indoors. On top of that, they are also capable of altering the level of tint to offer the right level of protection for the intensity of light one is facing. This essentially eliminates the need for switching between your eyeglasses and sunglasses—how convenient is that?

How light-sensitive are you?

It’s normal for everyone to experience light sensitivity in very bright light, but some people are more light-sensitive than others, and find their vision often affected even in moderate lighting conditions.

Not sure where you are on the light-sensitivity scale? Take Transitions’ Light Sensitivity Quiz, which will analyse the types of light exposure you are subject to, according to your habits and lifestyle. It’ll also give you a clearer idea of the key lighting hazards that are impacting your sight and the best Transitions pair that suits your lifestyle needs.

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Finding your Transitions match

Transitions’ signature Gen8 lens provides the most balanced light-protection performance, along with a wide choice of seven tint colours that are available for selection. Those are very light sensitive and have to deal with stronger light conditions often will find their needs better met in the XTRActive lens, which darkens further, and also offer a higher level of light protection.

The latter is equipped with extra-strong photochromic dyes and a new nanocomposite matrix that increases the mobility of these dyes, meaning that it is currently the darkest Transitions lens and is also able to provide faster adaptive responsiveness as compared to older generations of lenses. Gen8 and XTRActive lenses share one key similarity, though – they both help protect from UV and harmful blue light through all levels of tint transition, even when they turn completely clear indoors.

Not sure which Transitions lens is right for you? It all depends on your unique requirements, and a consultation with an optician will help nail down the best option for you. Most spectacle wearers will find the Gen8 lens suitable for them, but there are some who’ll appreciate the stronger light protection from the XTRActive lens – mainly those who are highly light-sensitive, have a job or lifestyle that takes them outdoors very frequently or are on the road much of the time, because they darken even behind the windshield, giving you extra protection while driving. The XTRActive lens is also available in a polarised version, which further cuts down reflective glare from bright light and helps prevent it from disturbing your sight.

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