Adriana Lima
Photo: Ashley Mak

When you’ve got an interview with a supermodel the likes of Adriana Lima, you DON’T show up late.

In town to launch the new Body by Victoria collection in store, we were under strict instructions that we had to stay within our interview time with Lima, regardless of circumstance.

That’s why I turned up at Victoria’s Secret Mandarin Gallery a full hour early before our allotted time to prep both the photo and video crew, as well as myself. As if interviewing a supermodel wasn’t enough, we were the first to actually interact with her, which made me more nervous: What if my questions were ridiculous and she didn’t want to answer them? But the Brazilian bombshell put all my worries to rest the minute she breezed into the room with a bright smile and introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Adriana.”

And just like that, our interview was off to a good start.

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You’re one of the longest-serving Victoria’s Secret Angels ever. What’s your secret to catwalk longevity?

Well, I’ve been a Victoria’s Secret model for 19 years. Honestly, I never thought that I would be at it (walking at the runway) this long, and I do feel blessed and I appreciate the brand. I love Victoria’s Secret, I love how they represent women, and how they embrace women from every culture. It’s a pleasure for me to be part of it, always.

What is the best beauty secret you have ever been let in on?

The best beauty secret for me is a good work out. I’m obsessed with training, and I try to do it every day if I can. And sweating, it’s something that just makes your skin glow. So, that’s my secret!

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Adriana Lima
Photo: Ashley Mak

What is one fashion item every woman should have in her wardrobe?

Definitely lingerie. It is the (emphasis hers) most important item in a woman’s wardrobe. Basically, if you don’t have the right lingerie, you will have the worst wardrobe malfunction, trust me. That’s why lingerie is number one.

Let’s talk about body image. How has the idea of being a model changed since you’ve first started (entered the industry)?

I’ve been a model for 19 years, and it’s heartening to see how the industry has changed for the better. These days, we embrace women of all different shapes and bodies, and different cultures, and it’s really something great to see — that fashion is expanding in different ways.

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Adriana Lima
Photo: Ashley Mak

What makes a supermodel today?

Being a supermodel is a big responsibility today, because all over the world you become an example for so many people. In my case, I try to do everything good, and just represent being positive, and send a good image out there for women and girls to embrace themselves and be happy for who they are.

By Pakkee
Photographed by Ashley Mak