Nga Nguyen Kenneth Goh

The pandemic has impacted and posed challenges for global industries, including the fashion world. As we navigate through these shifting times, the following questions come to mind: What does the future of fashion look like? What is sustainability in fashion? How do we continue to stay relevant and create meaningful work? How do we effect that much-needed change in fashion and come back stronger? Our #BAZAARTalks digital series was created for industry insiders to come together, have a discourse, and shed light on what’s next.

In this exclusive, Vietnamese heiress and entrepreneur Nga Nguyen (@ng.a) speaks to Kenneth Goh, EIC of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore (@kennieboy) about being fashion’s first COVID-19 victim, her first-hand experience battling the virus, her wish for fashion to embrace a listening ear, and how she wants to nurture young Asian designers. Hear her inspiring story.

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