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Photo: Ashley Mak

Decorated Asian American designer Jason Wu speaks to our Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh and social media powerhouse Nicole Warne to discuss Fashion in the digital age. And here are 5 tips to take you from Instagram influenza to influencer!

zipcode asia
Photo: Ashley Mak

1. Pay attention to audience engagement

Focus on maximising interaction from your followers – what do they like to see, and when they are most active?

2. Time is of the essence

You must be able to create content that captures your audience’s attention in 60 seconds when it comes to video posts. So. Tick tock.

3. Curate your grid

Instagram Stories work best when they are light and candid, but pay attention to your grid because the pictures you post don’t disappear after 24 hours. And the Internet NEVER forgets.

4. Your Instagram account is the new business card

Kenneth Goh, Jason Wu and Nicole Warne all maintain that people from the fashion industry look to Instagram for their next hire. So best remove that topless Ibiza selfie stat!

5. Privacy

Know where to draw the line when it comes to your personal life. While Instagram has broken down walls, Nicole Warne for example, does not ever put her family or the insides of her house on social media.

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