Be Still Our Beating Hearts! The Apple Watch Hermès Collection Now Comes In New Colours

The world's most beautifully crafted wearable tech collection just got a brilliant new update

apple watch hermes

Photo: David Sims/Apple

When Apple and Hermès introduced the Apple Watch Hermès collection last year during Paris Fashion Week, the fashionable world swooned unconditionally (and so did their credit cards). Building on the popularity of the beautifully handcrafted watch straps, the technology giant is introducing a plethora of new colours to its collection. In addition to the existing colours available, other exclusive colours, such as Fauve, Noir, Capucine and Etain, have been welcomed into the family and are joined by a whole new collection of Single Tour and Double Tour straps, which will be offered in colours that are exclsuive to Hermès, such as Bleu Paon (Green), Bleu Saphir, Blanc (White), and the iconic Hermès Feu (Orange). Take a look at the brand new hues below and head over to the Hermès website to try out the latest colours—just saying, we’ve already got our eye on the particularly fetching Double Tour in capuchine.

The new coloured bands for the Apple Watch Hermès Collection will be available from 19 April. For more information, click here.

apple watch hermes

apple watch hermes

By Pakkee

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