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Shopping for vintage clothing is not an easy or pleasant task, with the hours spent scouring clothes arranged hap-hazardly, and the musty smell that clings to most vintage stores. The eventual find — a Christian Dior shirt circa 1982, or a Pierre Balmain day suit jacket in perfect condition — is fortuitous, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you say. Your adrenaline high (but your clothing, hair and self-worth in bedraggled shape), you swear you love the thrill of the chase.

But you know, it’s easier than ever to own a vintage piece, without all the hassle. You can’t love the dusty racks, or being up to the armpits in a box full of mouldy clothing. In order to reduce the hassle, you need to go online, where an expert has taken care of the details of sourcing, authenticating, and curating items. All you need is your laptop, credit cards, a Wifi connection and a comfy chair. Still, you need to know who to trust, no? We’ve taken the brainwork out of that for you, too. Here are 5 vintage resellers we recommend.

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1. The Fifth Collection

Co-founded in 2014 by Michael and Nejla Matam-Finn, The Fifth Collection curates a range of luxury vintage and pre-loved products that are assured to be of top quality. With a clear focus that takes the customer’s needs, style and originality into account, this store stocks a broad spectrum of fashion labels — think brands like Christian Lacroix to Halston Heritage and even those that are sure to become classics in the future, like Singapore’s Ong Shunmugam,

www.thefifthcollection.com, Instagram @thefifthcollection


2. Old, So What?

This local Etsy shop is run by an intrepid former film producer who goes by the alias of Madam Old. Her history tells an exciting story — she had to source costumes and props for her work, and the journey took her around the world where she stumbled upon authentic vintage pieces strewn across the lands. Today, her collection comprises Christian Dior gloves from the 1960s, 1970s Manolo Blahniks, and Chanel earrings from the 1980s.

www.oldsowhat.comwww.etsy.com/sg-en/shop/oldsowhat, Instagram @oldsowhat

3. Vestiaire Collective

French company Vestiaire Collective took flight when it began selling vintage pieces in 2009, and it has is now one of the world’s leading vintage online marketplaces. You’re able to purchase clothes, shoes or accessories of past seasons, from brands like Alaïa, Gucci and Valentino, without having to worry about authenticity. Each piece is scrutinized by experts before it’s posted for sale.

www.vestiairecollective.com, Instagram @vestiaireco

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4. Farfetch

Who knew that one of the biggest au courant fashion e-retailers carried vintage garments as well? You might have missed out one of the website’s tabs,  marked “vintage”. Click here, and you’ll find a huge stock of pre-loved clothing from luxury labels, like Chanel, Hermès and Yves Saint Laurent, to name a few.

www.farfetch.com, Instagram @farfetch

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5. What Goes Around Comes Around

This is a brand that is equipped with buyers of niche expertise, whose main objective is to travel around the world to search for coveted vintage pieces in excellent condition. What Goes Around Comes Around is stocked with old-school Louis Vuitton and Chanel purses, as well as more contemporary finds from Saint Laurent and Céline.

www.whatgoesaroundnyc.com, Instagram @whatgoesaroundnyc