Bottega Veneta

Whether you are looking for easy-to-wear staples or sourcing for stylish seasonal pieces, Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta’s latest collection, Wardrobe 2, is just what every fashion-forward femme fatale needs to make a striking statement no matter what she goes or what she does.

Featuring matching sets as well as creative combinations, the Wardrobe 2 collection lets you inject luxurious glamour into your daily look. Each piece serves a purpose without comprising on functionality, so you can live life to the hilt with freedom and flexibility. 

Made with flattering fabrics such as technical nylon and crystal-punctured suede, the textured tailoring with a creative touch is what makes this collection stand out. Long lines and hemlines are cut to expose unexpected parts of the body, adding flair with fluidity. With a generous amount of give and stretch, the lightweight fabrics are easy to wear and comfortable for everyday movement.

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Glamour On The Go

Bottega Veneta’s Wardrobe 02 Collection Is All About Glamour
Photo: Bottega Veneta

Having set high standards in fashion since its inception in 1966, Bottega Veneta’s house code is that luxury couture is made to be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime. Today, award-winning creative director Daniel Lee continues to preserve these codes while incorporating his unique design perspectives. 

Inspiring individuality with a timeless touch, you can count on essential elements for your wardrobe from this heritage brand’s Wardrobe 2 collection. 

Here’s what has caught our eye from their latest offerings:


* The Mount Evelope 

Juxtaposing a removable chunky chain with a sleek V-shaped flap, this piece of arm candy comes in a variety of materials: Raffaello (calf leather), Saint Germain (grained leather) and Light Suede Cachemire (suede). Available in black, emerald green-gold, cob-gold, white-gold and black-gold. The small size is also available in a jungle-gold.

* The Mount Bermuda 

Made with the soft and smooth Rafaello leather, this handsome bag comes with a sculptured Mogano wood top handle that creates an elegant silhouette while the external leather is bonded with nappa for an unlined look. Available in cob-natural gold and fondant-gold.

Bottega Veneta’s Wardrobe 02 Collection Is All About Glamour
Photo: Bottega Veneta

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* Sock Mule Dot

These sexy mules fit on your feet like a second skin. The dot-shaped lugged rubber injected on the outsoles are what gives this range its name. Take your pick of adornment from crystals to pearls to high-shine glossy patented leather.

* Flash Clogs

Made with a military calfskin with a calfskin lining, these slip-on clogs feature Bottega Veneta’s signature round and chunky toe while the colourful thick outsole made with ultra-light Eva Rubber is as sturdy and waterproof as it is soft and flexible. Available in black-neptune, black-flamingo, black-grass and black-lemonade.

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