cara delevingne and kendall jenner
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We’ve all done the dainty earring thing and our jewelry boxes are piled high with tiny stackable rings, so what’s next in the way of wearable sparkle? How about a delicate diamond lip cuff?

Last night at Eva Cavalli‘s masquerade ball in London, Cara Delevingne embellished a sultry nude pout with a slim lip ring by Established Jewelry—and we’re instantly obsessed. For those of us who have never endeavored beyond the lobes when it comes to above-the-neck adornment, a single sliver of sparkly gold is an edgy yet understated entrée into the world of facial jewelry. Bonus: The cuff is designed to be removable which means no piercings or holes you’ll later regret. (Because who can commit to looking that cool all the time?)

cara delevingne
Photo: Getty