Is there anything that shoe maestro Christian Louboutin can’t do? Fresh after the news that he would launch his first line of lipsticks, Louboutin has announced the release of a new photo filter app in the App Store—’Louboutinize’.

There are three filters so far: Rouge, Crystallize and Legs. As the names suggest, ‘Rogue’ applies a shocking shade of red over every photo, while ‘Crystallize’ fractures and creates a kaleidoscopic effect. Our favourite by far is ‘Legs’—it’s unpredictably quirky, allowing you to layer a ballerina’s, Dita von Teese’s, a footballer’s or five other fabulously wacky gams over your own photos.

As WWD reports, more filters are in the works and will be rolled out in the coming months. On top of being able to share directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the app will also round up the best Loboutinized photos and share them with users.

In the meantime, we’re definitely having  fun (maybe a little too much fun) with this nifty little app.

To download ‘Louboutinize’, visit the Apple App Store here.

The ‘Louboutinize’ home page
The ‘Crystallize’ photo filter
The ‘Rouge’ photo filter
The ‘Legs’ photo filter