10 Cool Bucket Bags You’ll Want To Trade In Your Tattered Ol’ Tote For

This season's styles range from faux fur to beaded

My black leather work tote is lovely. It fits my laptop, workout clothes, wallet, water bottle, and maybe even a pair of sneakers. But, sometimes, I don’t want to lug a tote; I want something cute and small. To paraphrase the great ’90s classic 10 Things I Hate About You: There’s a difference between like and love, because I like my tote, but I love my bucket bag.Yes, my white bucket bag with silver ring handle can hold my wallet and a small umbrella, nothing more, yet I love it dearly because the design is smart and polished. I even keep one under my desk, so I can make a quick bag swap and not walk into a party with my overflowing tote knocking into guests. If you’re ready to move from like to love, peruse this season’s best bucket bags, ahead. You’ll find options suitable for weddings, holiday parties, and beyond. Your new number-one awaits.

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