14 Korean Fashion Brands You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Yet

You need to know these labels to up your street cred

Korean Fashion Brands

Photo: Tell The Truth, Wnderkammer, We11-Done

Whenever Fashion Week is mentioned, it seems like all that we ever acknowledge are the big fours. But take it from the hottest city in South Korea, Seoul to be one of the capitals that is taking the fashion world by storm. Aiming to be the 5th dominating fashion week capitals, Seoul Fashion Week has been growing for years now, with almost 200 designers bringing their unique and (usually) bright creations to the table.

From runway chic to street style, hallyu fashion has a reputation of never serving up anything short of loud, fun and eclectic pieces. So if your impression of Korean fashion only includes Style Nanda, get ready to be in for a little treat!


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Building upon her previous experiences at Kiko Kostadinov and creative collective Dadaism Club, emerging designer Ji Hyung Choi creates contemporary streetwear that plays on unexpected details, underscoring her technical sensibilities.



In 2014, lifelong friends Dami Kwon (G-Dragon’s sister) and Jessica Jung founded Rare Market, a concept store that unearths under the radar Korean labels and cult overseas gems. The duo went on to launch WE11DONE (pronounced “welldone”), known for its distinct and elevated pieces that weave references from the aughts, reimagined for today. Expect cool-girl styles in inventive silhouettes that convey an understated sophistication.



Akin to “the way a tea bag infuses its rich flavors into water”, Tibaeg is permeated with bold colours, graphic prints, and delicate details that express “tender emotions” in their collections and spark joy.


  1. Wnderkammer

Wnderkammer offers simple, minimalistic styles that are effortless as they are unforgettable. A casual yet charismatic cool permeates designer Hye Young Shin’s pieces—think: puff-sleeved dresses with cutouts, easy suits in muted hues, and seemingly basic separates with unexpected details.


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Brother-sister duo Chung Chung Lee and Nana Lee—children of renowned designer parents behind the legendary Korean fashion house Lie Sangbong—founded LIE in 2011. The brand was born out of a shared vision to create pieces for the modern woman that echo the elegance and sculptural details of their parents’ label at a more accessible price point.


Tell The Truth

Tell The Truth boasts timeless, elevated basics featuring tailored shapes, delicate fabrics and whimsical details. The brand delivers fresh silhouettes and vivid colours as part of its contemporary aesthetic.


Beyond Closet

The concept of Beyond Closet is true to its brand name – to offer a selection of pieces that extends beyond just clothes that hang in the wardrobe. This varsity inspired label celebrates individuality and style, offering trendy pieces that is a mix of high school preppiness and funky streetwear. From check shirts to graphic knits and sweaters, Beyond Closet is all about creating comfortable and easy styling pieces.



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If bold and grunge chic is your aesthetic, then Charm’s is the place to go. The brand fuels on fun and loud silhouettes and is also best known for it’s urban streetwear style that gained the likes of Kpop royalty. In collaborative measure, Charm’s together with Key from boy band Shinee and Irene Kim came to produce a 90s inspired sportswear capsule that’s absolutely a must to check out.


Cres E. Dim

Launched in 2009 and known for its witty craft, Cres E. Dim excels in deconstructed cuts and overlapping layers. Seemingly contrasting, its sculptural pieces are often tied in with loose hems in addition to unconventional takes on classic pieces such as stilettos with statement patches and deconstructed A-line skirts.


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For all the fast fashion enthusiast, Fleamadonna is now your go to e-commerce shop for the most trendy pieces straight out of the runways. The designer for the brand speaks of the Fleamadonna girl as someone who is never afraid to try on new textures and colours — ideal for those who are looking to invest on unique pieces to add into your closet.


Goen Jong

Goen Jong was born in South Korea but spent many years in France, which seems apparent in the designs for her eponymous brand. Her pieces are feminine and fun yet refined and polish with products ranging from dresses to outerwear, making them staples of a standout wardrobe.



If you feel like you’ve heard of this brand, it’s because you probably have. KYE is relatively known in the US with their showcases in New York Fashion Week. These KYE pieces are bold and simultaneously wearable. For fashion lovers that love to look well put together without sacrificing comfort, This label is all about it. If celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner love the brand, you know it’s badass!



RocketxLunch is the epitome of effortless chic, standing out as one of the brands to not have their logo integrated into the design. The label aims to make it’s name solely base on its style and is undoubtedly doing a fine job at it. Featuring a wide selection of clothing from layered tees to leather jackets, these products are trendy pieces crafted with quirky, irreverent touch that will stay relevant all year round.



Known for their fresh take on denim, SJYP is the brainchild of husband and wife, Steve Jung and Yoni Pai. Wrap Skirts, Frayed Jeans and patchwork denim jackets are all given avant-garde twists. The best part? You probably won’t be bumping into people wearing the exact same outfit as you.


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