online shopping
Photo: Tommy Ton

Shopping for clothes online is like playing a game. But more often than not, it’s a guessing game of trying to figure out whether the piece you like will have a flattering fit. At best, we have measuring tapes and size charts, but anyone with enough online shopping experience will know that even these supposedly failsafe methods, well, fail.

Enter UK-based retailer Metail’s  “Try it On” feature, introduced exclusively for SPH’s online shopping site SheShops. By simply entering three body measurements, you can generate a body avatar that’s 92-96% accurate to your own body type, and can also be customised to accommodate to your skin tone and hair colour. Just think about how much time this will save you when you’re thinking if you should get one of those gorgeous Tadashi Shoji gowns!

Photo: Courtesy of SheShops
Photo: Courtesy of SheShops

Get a firsthand experience and try outfits on your customised model, as well as indulge in some retail therapy at SheShops’ exclusive shopping event on 16 December at the Gnossem store, Scotts Square, #01-11.

By Tanvi Rajvanshi