Raffles Graduation Show

Photo: Raffles College of Higher Education

If fresh ideas are fashion’s driving force, then new generations of students are the ones behind the steering wheel. BAZAAR is proud to be a longtime supporter of Singapore’s local fashion talent, having hosted the NewGen Fashion Award since 2013 in a bid to discover and champion young designers from across the region. This year, BAZAAR was also invited to Bold New Day Graduation, an exciting fashion showcase produced by 2022 graduates of the Raffles College of Higher Education – one of Singapore’s premier design institutes.

A total of 15 collections with 6 looks each were put on display throughout the show, where young designers drew on deeply personal experiences to present bold, self-expressive clothes in line with this year’s theme. And as part of a partnership with Metro Department Store, four students – Angeline Hoshi, Verinka Suwanto, Angelia Tamara Putri and Britney Kirtley Tivanka Wikarso – were selected to produce a collaboration collection which will be sold across retail outlets.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the show, take a glance through the inspiring and innovative student collections below.