Saying “Forwards Is Boring” might just make you ponder a little, but Spanish fashion label Desigual is making it their new mantra. This statement making campaign is all about referencing the need to turn things around and to change pre-established meanings with a new way of thinking. The result? A new creative direction for the 35-year-old brand.

“A change of image comes from a change of mindset. And today we’re ready to share ours with the world in the form of a manifesto,” says Guillem Gallego, Chief Marketing Officer at Desigual

With a colourful and vibrant campaign to go along with their new creative direction, some things are not lost. As Desigual still embodies their love for clashing prints, eye-catching colours and their effervescent take on fashion, which is still evident in the collection.

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Desigual: Forwards is boring Campaign
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The campaign is a declaration of their principles and to showcase their intent as a brand. Their aim is to have an open and universal invitation for us to look at things from a different perspective, to be illogical and to apply what they call as “backward thinking”. A new term coined by the people at Desigual, as a way to describe their new creative methodology based on the logic of the illogical where the brand explored new perspectives and different approaches to design.

The campaign, filmed exclusively in Barcelona and directed by Lisa Boostani, is to invite people to turn things around and apply their so-called “backward thinking” in everyday life.

Famous for the individuality and unique character of its creations, Desigual always aims to bring positivity and authenticity to those who want to express the best version of themselves. Discover the brand’s new creative direction campaign and some keys looks below.

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