Photo: Courtesy; Darren Chong (left to right)

Customisation has become a huge part of fashion, with brands like Dior offering such service for its Book Tote when it first launched in Singapore back in 2018. More recently Longchamp also made it available for customers buying the My Pliage and Le Pliage Cuir line. But if you truly want something uniquely yours to have and to cherish, consider bespoke dressing. 

Earlier today, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh spoke about some local fashion labels which offer made-to-order clothing for when you want to look extra special at an event, on One FM 91.3 with Angelique Teo.

Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore · EIC Kenneth Goh On Air With Angel From One FM 91.3 – The Best Local Bespoke Fashion Labels

Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore · EIC Kenneth Goh On Air With Angel From One FM 91.3 – The Best Local Bespoke Fashion Labels

1. Lai Chan

Singapore designer extraordinaire Goh Lai Chan has been creating modern cheongsams for almost 30 years. His made-to-order and off-the-rack designs have earned him a reputable name in the local fashion industry, with a long list of loyal clients locally and internationally—one look at his creations, and it’s not hard to imagine why. 

What’s really special about Lai Chan’s creations is that he sources for fabrics from all over the world, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth—in a pretty dress no less. Premium fabric aside, Goh’s craftsmanship is impeccable. Looking at his creations, you never would’ve guessed he’s a self-taught designer with no formal training in fashion design and textiles. 

His cheongsams feature a bias cut, which essentially allows the fabric to drape easily, offering a softer and more figure-flattering look. It’s also a more practical option for the contemporary woman, as it follows the curves of the body but is also incredibly forgiving—who wouldn’t love that? 

Lai Chan’s bespoke designs are constructed according to your exact specifications and measurements, and if you’ve been hitting the buffet one too many times between fittings, he’ll still be able to make adjustments so you leave with the dress of your dreams. 

Lai Chan is located at #03-20, Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859.

2. Ying The Label

Phuay Li Ying, founder of Ying The Label, uses fabric as a medium to showcase her artwork. Which explains why designs by this ex-banker-turned-fashion designer are rich with print that has been hand-painted by her, digitally rendered on fabric, and made into apparel and accessories. Her label offers ready-to-wear as well as made-to-order garments. 

As Ying doesn’t follow seasonal trends, all of her creations are produced in limited quantities and only available for a short period of time. Which makes them that much more covetable. Even though her pieces already feature a degree of customisation, Ying also accepts bespoke orders so she can create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. This process usually takes up to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the dress and the choice of fabric.

For more information, visit their website.

3. Silvia Teh

Silvia Teh is a fabulous designer, who won the Harper’s BAZAAR Asia NewGen Fashion Designer Award in 2015. She has since gone on to realise her own label and a built reputable name for herself. Which should come as no surprise as she was mentored by Singapore’s premier fashion designer Thomas Wee

Her off-shoulder dresses and contemporary belted peplums are some of our favourites from her current collection. Teh’s pieces are often structural and minimalistic, which made them incredibly timeless and wearable for many occasions. Her bridal designs are produced in Singapore, and she exclusively uses natural fabrics and imported lace for that touch of femininity. 

Similar to Ying The Label, Teh’s made-to-order garments are by-appointment only and will take up to eight weeks. 

For more information, visit their website.

4. Common Suits

Common Suits is a premium bespoke clothier based in Singapore founded by Javin They, with their very own in-house production team. Which means every item sold by them is proudly made in Singapore. 

Through their one-on-one consultation service, the bespoke menswear label specialises in timeless silhouettes and classic designs. During your consultation, you can inform them of any sartorial concerns you may have, and they’ll recommend the right fabric (even the lining) and buttons to address them. This way, you know you’ll get a lot of wear out of the pieces.

Don’t confuse their brand name for exclusively dealing in business suits or tuxedos because Common Suits also specialises in bespoke shirts, shorts, overcoats and jackets.

For more information, visit their website.

5. The Prefecture

The Prefecture is a local bespoke menswear label founded by Mr ‘Q’, specialising in what he calls tropical tailoring—contemporary garments for men, made specifically with the climate in mind. That’s not all. Mr ‘Q’ specially sources for premium fabric all over Southeast Asia and sometimes Europe so that he can create vibrant and high-quality garments for his clients. He also has season-less off-the-racks pieces for purchase in unique prints and silhouettes.

If you’re on the lookout for well-made novelty suits, or just a short-sleeved collared shirt for whiling away at the beach club, you should check out The Prefecture.

For more information, visit their website.