dior dioressence
Photo: Marton Perlaki for Dior

After taking the world by storm with its hit list of accessories—‘Very Dior’ sunglasses and Mise en Dior Tribal double pearl earrings, anyone?—Dior has set about perfecting yet another wardrobe staple: the stiletto.

Dubbed the Dioressence stilettos, they are the epitome of a new classic, which sees the maison‘s rich history serving as inspiration for both the shoe’s form and colours. In addition to a stunning array of modern shades such as ochre, military green, cognac, and anthracite grey, the house’s mainstays, black and pale pink, are key highlights of the collection with their timeless elegance.

Of course, no detail is left to chance: From the precisely cut leather for the shoe’s upper to the beautiful arch of the heel that elongates and lengthens the line of your leg and most importantly, the right height that conveys sexiness in a pinch (but still comfortable enough to run around in).

So what goes into the making of these perfect heels? Take a look at these exclusive videos and you’ll find out why all our editors are saying, “Mais oui, si’l vous plait!” to them:

By Pakkee