Fabulous Fashion Forward ’90s TV Shows That Started All Of Your Favourite Trends On Instagram

We won't be able to post our #ootds if it weren't for them. By Michelle Varinata

Long before celebrity stylists, fashion influencers, actresses, models and costume designers became style icons, TV shows were moodboards for aspiring fashionistas. Although there were many great shows to watch during our childhood, the ones that we almost completely forgot flaunted the clothes that people actually wore. While designer names had yet to be a part of our cultural lexicon, the apparel that the characters wore reflected their personalities. In fact, the lack of designer names basically forced us to focus more on the plot of the show. If we had to name five of our favourite old school TV shows that had really amazing fashion and eye-catching plots, they were V.I.P., My So-Called Life, The Nanny, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Married with Children.

While all of the above are currently not syndicated, the aforementioned launched stylish characters with covetable outfits. Now that we are constantly trawling through Instagram for #ootd inspiration, little do we know that these ’90s TV shows actually invented the trends we love.

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