Fancì Club

From Fancì Club's SS23 collection, Colour of Unadulterated Insanity. Photo: Fancì Club

Rising Vietnamese designer Duy Tran launched Fancì Club in 2018 after dropping out of fashion school. The 24-year-old started the brand as a second-hand clothing reseller before upcycling preloved pieces into his own designs, and in 2021, released his first collection of original creations. His increasingly popular designs have been spotted on the likes of Bella Hadid, Olivia Rodrigo and even BLACKPINK.

Imbued with strong femininity and youthful romance, Fancì Club‘s dainty corsets, sheer and flowy numbers as well as slinky pants—often made from deadstock nylon and spandex mesh—are playfully sultry and reminiscent of the Y2K aesthetic.

Here, Tran tells us about his fashion heroes, why he is intrigued by the notion of young love, and what he hopes to achieve with his latest collection, Colour of Unadulterated Insanity.

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Duy Tran Fanci Club
Duy Tran. Photo: Courtesy

Tell us how Fancì Club came about and what it signifies.

Fancì has a literal meaning, like the way it’s pronounced: fancy. When I think of the word “fancy”, I envision a fantasy where the beauty of femininity is being expressed and materialised through layers of fabric. In that fantasy, I create fashion pieces that allow people who wear them to experience the same fantasy in my mind. Substituting the “Y” with an accented “I” is our way of pronouncing “fancy” in Vietnamese—the accent is the second tone in Vietnamese language. This is a small feature that represents the Vietnamese identity of the brand. 

What is your brand ethos and mission?

Fancì is a collective of young people who want to celebrate beauty and humanity. We live for beauty, but at the same time choose to live kindly and in harmony with life. We envision a world where fashion is seen through the lens of diversity, kindness, and love. We also believe beauty comes from the inside, and only exists when there is confidence and kindness. Our products resonate with this philosophy. We want our customers to live in the same fantasy, where they can create their own beauty through their personal stories and identities, knowing that the item they are wearing is ethically and consciously made. 

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Take us through your design process.

When designing I aim to make the woman feel beautiful and glamorous with the material and tools I have in front of me. Perhaps creating, in Fancì’s definition, is a process that requires the consonance of aesthetic influence, language expression, consciousness, and personal skill assets.

What has shaped your creative journey and where do you find inspiration?

Glamour is the true essence of the ’80s and ’90s; that is where my aesthetic was formed. We value the awareness of our surroundings and diversity in our design. I take inspiration from young women and men around me who are self-aware and conscious of the environment they are inhabiting. They are kind, confidently expressive through fashion, and unapologetically bold—I think that is a new beauty that should be embraced.

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Why are you intrigued by the notion of romance, femininity and power?

Romance is a flavour of youth while femininity is a part of human identity; these values are interconnected. As a young person, I’m surrounded by romance and femininity every day—the imagery of a woman loving herself and loving the people around her is so powerful to me. I want those who wear Fancì to interpret femininity in their own way and explore their own power and confidence.

How are the Y2K aesthetic and sustainability central to your designs?

I imagine fashion to be a party that celebrates beauty and harmony in life. Sustainability is an important part of our philosophy; I want my creations to be in harmony with the environment I’m living in. Through the Y2K aesthetic, we are able to express our philosophy and create an essence of a party where everyone enjoys fashion and diversity. I want our customers to understand that we can practice sustainability while “slaying”. In the age of rapid growth and massive production, we need a creative approach to sustainability and climate change.

Are there any designers you look up to?

As a young designer, there are many legendary designers I admire. John Galliano is a fashion icon I have always looked up to—not only does he execute extravagance and luxury beautifully, he also focuses on functionality and applicability. Tom Ford‘s great vision and revolutionary design are a huge source of inspiration for me. Fashion is not just about creating the most fascinating design; it is also about respecting those who will wear it. 

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Fancì Club has some fancy fans such as Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa. Tell us about your A-list clientele and who would you like to see wearing Fancì next.

It’s a huge honour for us to be supported by many great artists and celebrities. I’m grateful that our design and philosophy were able to reach them from across the globe. I would really love to see Rihanna wearing our pieces. She’s my childhood queen! Her art and performance just show how much she cares about her audience and supporters. I’m inspired by her diligence and work ethic—they are qualities that I personally admire and learn from.

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Who is the Fancì woman?

A Fancì woman is someone who possesses kindness, sincerity, and pride in her identity; someone who can transcend those values into her work and action. Her beauty lies within, inspiring others with her intelligence and aesthetic as she contributes to the world with her own talent and vision. A Fancì woman can be anyone at any time, because she understands the beauty of imperfection.

Tell us about your SS23 collection, Colour of Unadulterated Insanity.

Our SS23 collection leans into dark femininity and themes of jealousy and betrayal. It also features many items made by local Vietnamese artisans. Through this collection, we want the world to know that Vietnam can also design and produce quality and aesthetically stunning products. Besides promoting Vietnamese techniques and artisans, our team also wants to define Fancì as “consciously made,” in alignment with our brand philosophy.