How Fashion And Beauty Companies Are Giving Back During The Pandemic

We're all in this together

The coronavirus pandemic continues to have a huge impact on the world, largely changing our normal way of life. Government bodies and authorities continue to urge and some have even allocated mandates to their citizens to self-quarantine, resulting in a closure of public facilities and a majority working or studying from home.

In turn, medics and healthcare staff are left to facilitate aid to the growing number of patients in hospitals amidst a backdrop of limited essential medical supplies needed to treat patients — particularly, surgical gloves and N95 face masks. This is the new normal.

A large number of fashion and beauty companies have recognised the urgency and heeded the call to help and support the fight against the pandemic. Whether it’s a large-scale conglomerate or a small, independent brand, each in their own ways are steadfast in their mission to stop the spread of the disease and in helping those around them who need it the most. Here, we list all the brands who are inspiring change, stepping up and playing their parts during this trying time.

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