5 Fashion-Forward Costume Inspirations for Halloween

So you’ve clicked on this article because you’re stumped for Halloween… Dressing up is normally a joy, but the very thought of putting on a costume sends you into fits of anxiety and indecision. Who should I be? How much is too much? Not helping matters, your closest points of reference are probably:

a) Your insanely body-confident girlfriend who flirts with indecent exposure on the daily. She secretly forces you to question how deep feminism really runs in your veins (final decision: you are 100% supportive, but won’t be doing twinsies any time soon). Halloween is pretty much business-as-usual for her, but with the addition of bunny/cat ears.


b) Your other crazy girlfriend who spends months faithfully recreating something she saw on Netflix/plays all the time/read in a Manga. She does this with a scary level of commitment you can’t even summon for your relationship or job, because in her universe Halloween and Comic-Con are events of quasi-religious importance.

But do not despair. There is a way to stay chic and participate in the campiest holiday of the year all at once. If you’re neither into full-on Cosplay nor the ‘sexy random animal/occupation/public figure’ school of thought, take a look at some of our high-fashion takes on fictional heroines: body glitter, face paint and prosthetics are not required.

By Ryan Sng

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