Alexa Chung
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In July of last year, Alexa Chung announced that she would be launching her very own namesake fashion label in May 2017.

Apart from telling us that she would step into the role of creative director and oversee a team of six designers, we knew very little about the brand. But finally, the fashionista has given us an insight into what we can expect. Well, sort of.

Yesterday, her new website, launched – along with the brand’s social media platforms – where she posted a fairly cryptic video, entitled ‘Alexachung Dressage,’ which saw the style icon riding around on a white horse.

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Confused? Chung explained in the press release that it is a “tongue-in-cheek celebration of the dedication, precision, skill and determination needed to develop and create something aesthetically pleasing, coupled with the feeling that you could spend endless amounts of time trying to create something that means a lot to you, hoping that some might appreciate it”. She added: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I guess it’s supposed to be funny.”

She also posted a few images to her new Instagram account, which might give a hint at what the brand will look like.

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While it hasn’t given us too much of a clue about what her first collection will actually entail, it has certainly left us even more intrigued. We won’t have to wait too long though, the label is set to launch on 30 May, so keep your eyes peeled.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK