5 Best Fashion Moments From Crazy Rich Asians (And How to Mimic Them)

Fancy the red skater dress Rachel Chu wore? Or the glittery gold jumpsuit that Sonoya Mizuno’s character was rocking? Here’s how you can steal some of the looks that will be featured in the upcoming Hollywood movie. By Sean Tham

Costumes in movies are more than just mere clothing — they act as visual aids, dropping the viewers clues to the performers’ on-screen personas. The upcoming movie Crazy Rich Asians portrays Singapore’s wealthiest folk, and all the fashion and glamour come along with that pedigree. Wardrobe therefore was a huge task, but costume designer Mary E. Vogt, along with Andrea Wong (former editor-in-chief of Elle in Malaysia) pulled together a breathtaking array of brands. From Elie Saab to Chloe, Dior, Ralph Lauren and even The Gap, clothes were used to speak of each character’s mood and psyche.

We’ve rounded up and dissected 5 of our favourite looks from the trailer that you would be spotting when the movie hits the screens on August 22. We’ve also given you options on how to get the look, if you’re keen on playing dress-up when you hit the theatre.

Crazy Rich Asians is out in cinemas on August 22. www.crazyrichasiansmovie.com, Instagram @crazyrichasians

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