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Designers and celebrities are always at the forefront of trends, setting them left and right. But when these big names start selling their strange ideas, in hopes to make it a trend, that is when we should take a step back and reevaluate. They might be hiding behind the guise of artistic integrity but some of these items are downright illogical! While it is great to be “on-trend”, edgy and contemporary, we should all take each trend that these large brands and celebrity names try to shove down our throats with a grain of salt and really see how credible these items are before spending our hard earned money on them. If that all fails, leave to common sense to tell us what to do with that cash.

We thought we would highlight 7 fads that celebrities and designers tried to sell to the masses that left us feeling bewildered and confused. Mostly thinking, “Who would actually buy this?”:

1. Goop’s Body Vibes Healing Stickers

Body Vibes
Photo: Body Vibes

We all know of Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Goop” lifestyle that has a number of questionable practices that claim to better the physical and mental well-being of an individual. While many left us with raised brows, this product took it to a whole new level. Goop is now endorsing these kitschy stickers from the company Body Vibes that are meant to be pasted on the body to help “fight imbalances in the body and ward off negative energies”. Whatever that means. In terms of the claims, the stickers are said “to improve the body’s immune system, relieve physical tension and mental anxieties as well as help clear skin by reducing inflammation and boosting cell turnover”. Pretty big claims for something that can be found in Toys R Us.

Goop initially claimed that the stickers are made of “NASA space suit material” made of “conductive carbon” that help them achieve these incredible healing feats. However, they have since taken down these claims after NASA publicly denounced such a material being used by astronauts at all, calling it “a load of BS”. Furthermore, the stickers’ have worrying PSAs like “leaving them on for the prescribed three-day period left a few goop staffers with marks on their skin, so be careful to stick them somewhere concealable”. First of all, the marks are the least of our worries, if we actually forked out cash for these tacky-looking stickers. Secondly, the only reason you would probably want to conceal them is because having stickers all over your body is a pretty ridiculous look. So how much do these ugly stickers cost? Well, a pack of 10 will set you back US$60. And 1 sticker lasts about 3 days before you need to replace it. Body Vibes warned that there will be “a temporary adjustment period where one could feel jittery, tired, or a little ‘off'”. Yikes! We’ll stick to sticking stickers on paper.

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2. Balenciaga Shopping Bag

Photo: Getty

Balenciaga has been known for being quite tongue-in-cheek with their designs. They brought out the DHL yellow T-shirt that went viral. Almost every fashion blogger lined up in drones to drop US$330 for it. Also, who can forget their “it” bag that suspiciously resembles an IKEA shopping tote? Even IKEA poked fun at the bag, all in good natured jest, of course. But Demna Gvasalia isn’t done yet. Recently they released a shopping bag that retails for a whopping US$1,100. Not a tote bag, an actual shopping bag.

Photo: Balenciaga

It’s white with a simple black Balenciaga logo. It will look as if you shopped at the Balenciaga store on a daily basis. Perhaps that is the point? People are saying that it’s a cheeky nod to the ridiculousness of consumerism. Ironically, the shopping bags are already sold out. To be fair, the shopping bag itself is made entirely out of calf skin and Nappa leather, making the price tag more sensible. But materials aside, it’s a shopping bag for goodness sake! *smh*

3. Prada Paper Clip

Photo: Prada

90s kids, do you remember Clippy the Microsoft Office Assistant that annoyingly popped up whenever you open any old Microsoft programme? Well, Prada has resurrected him from the dead with their latest accessory offering. We were all a bit puzzled when we saw what looks like a giant paper clip branded with the Prada name. Have the maison turned to producing a luxury stationary range? Do our pens and paper clips have to be branded now too? Upon closer inspection, we realized that it was actually a money clip, shaped to look like a giant paper clip. The embossed Prada name naturally means that this “paper clip” will knock us back US$185, which gets us wondering if the large ones from Popular can do a similar job. ? We’ll clip our 185 dollars using that instead.

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4. Gucci Sock Sandal

Photo: Gucci

When these shoes took to the Gucci runway this Spring/Summer 2017, we had to do double take because we were unsure if it was the model’s actual skin that was wrinkling in that peculiar way. We were relieved to find out that it was actually a nude, latex sock that was part of the shoe itself. To be honest, it gave us Barbie-esque vibes with the shiny latex look and merged toes. The sock part comes in various lengths from calf-height to over-the-knee, depending on your desired level of Barbie that day. A pair of these designer sock sandals will cost you S$1,777 and it’s still available for purchase here. For those who love the actual heel part of the shoe, you’ll be relieved to know that the sock part is detachable. So now you can justify it by saying that it’s a 2-in-1!

5. PRPS Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans

PRPS mud jeans
Photo: Nordstrom

PRPS is a fashion house selling in Nordstrom that focuses on denim and jeans. They decided to take the classic distressed jeans and bring it to a level beyond the comprehension of many by adding fake mud and dirt to the mix. Yep, you read right, fake mud! Perfect for the person who never washes their jeans (ever) because no one can discern the artificial dirt from the real one. Theoretically, we get where they were going with this. After all, we have seen paint-splattered jeans like those on painters and artists. They were aiming for the rugged vibe of a man who works in construction or works with his hands. However, the result is a pretty grim-looking pair of jeans that perhaps need to be thrown in the bin. Here’s the kicker though, a pair with cost you US$425. Looks like we’ve found our next DIY project.

6. Vetements X Levi’s And Opening Ceremony Crazy Denim Trend

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It seems like we are entering the denim twilight zone as we continue on with crazier denim creations. Trust Vetements to come up with the most “out-there” designs for the most basic of clothings. They first came out with jeans that had a questionable zipper that run right down the middle of the *ahem* causing the Internet to lose their minds. Though it’s mostly because a pair costs S$ 2,129, still available for purchase here.

Opening Ceremony
Photo: Opening Ceremony

If that wasn’t enough, Opening Ceremony chimed in with the idea of detachable jeans that made us emotionally conflicted. The idea, on paper, is decent. Why can’t we have the best of both worlds, a pair of jeans that can transform into shorts. However, the execution is where the idea got lost in translation. They look like denim panties, if we are being brutally honest. The other design looked like leg sleeves attached to a denim belt, defeating the entire purpose of wearing pants in the first place.

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7. Fenty X Puma Suspender Sweatpants

Photo: Getty

Latching on to the whole detachable pants trend is Fenty’s line of suspender sweatpants. C’mon now, they are basically US$300 sweat shorts with extra bits of material! We can’t get past the illogical leg sleeves floating near the bottom that have zero practical use thanks to the massive gap in the middle. And let’s be honest here, who wants to see our knobbly knees peeking out of sweats? Talk about the least sexiest part of the leg to display. We love you, Rihanna but these are just… no.

By Hanan Haddad