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Earlier this summer, it was announced – to much glee from the fashion crowd – that H&M’s next designer collaboration would be with London Fashion Week favourite Erdem.

Ahead of the highly anticipated release, we have rounded up everything you need to know about the collection, including when you will be able to get your hands on it, how many pieces you’ll actually be allowed to buy and how much it might set you back.

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When will it be unveiled?

While H&M x Balmain launched with a supermodel-studded catwalk extravaganza, the collections usually tend to be unveiled in a slightly quieter fashion. It was announced that this year, Baz Luhrmann would be directing a film as part of the collaboration, which will presumably take the place of a catwalk show.

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When will we be able to buy it?

The H&M x Erdem collection will be available to buy worldwide in H&M stores and online from 2 November. Last year, it went on sale from 9am, so make sure to set your alarm, as you really won’t want to miss out.

Can I buy more than one item?

Historically, you are only allowed to buy one of each item from the collection and presumably, this year will be no different. This applies to everything from clothes to shoes, bags and accessories bought both online and in store.

Will I be able to return anything?

Going by last year’s rules, if you are buying in store, you will have just three days to return your item, but online, you have the usual 28 days to make a decision on your new purchase.

Should I expect queues?

Absolutely. Every season without fail, there are queues around the block to snap up H&M’s latest designer collaboration and Erdem will likely be no different. While years back there were stories of scrums at the tills, last season was a much more civilised affair. Shoppers were given wristbands before being let into the store in groups of 20, which gave everyone just 10 minutes to pick out what they wanted to buy.

Still, many shoppers did queue overnight for up to 12 hours so that they would have their pick of the collection and the website crashed repeatedly. Essentially, prepare for some frustration and probably, plenty of waiting however you are choosing to shop the collection.

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What can we expect?

From the most beautiful ditzy florals to lots of lovely lace, the collection will probably be the prettiest in the collaboration’s history. Here, we have rounded up the six pieces we’re expecting to seeBaz Luhrman’s teaser film also gives a sneak peak of what’s to come.

How much will it all cost?

While H&M’s collaborations give shoppers the opportunity to snap up original pieces from some of the world’s best-known designers for a fraction of the price they usually would be, you should still expect to pay a little more than you usually would for a high-street item. Last year, the most expensive pieces were around £300. Still, you could buy accessories from around £20 and T-shirts from as little as £30.

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