Off-White X Byredo
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Virgil Abloh is no longer just a fashion deisgner, he has turned himself into a buzzword. From the runway to streetwear, Virgil is turning himself into a buzzword beyond just fashion. Dabbling in home decor and now even fragrance. Off-White fans and Byredo lovers have been anticipating this major collaboration from the current “It” brands when it comes to #aesthetic. Furthermore, after the announcement of Virgil repacing Kim Jones to head Louis Vuitton’s menswear, the buzz has turned into feverish murmurs across the globe. The time is ripe to get people hyped.

Beyond just the fragrance, Elevator Music has turned into a full capsule collection as Byredo’s Ben Gorham and Virgil collaborate on this project that will be hitting the stores mid 2018.

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Byredo, as a fragrance house, has always been synonymous with fashion, style and aesthetic. With it’s Swedish minimalism, both in terms of the bottle as well astheir scent profiles, Byredo has cemented themselves as a favourite amongst the young fashion elite. So, this collaboration did not take anyone by surprise (Virgil seems to be on a collaborative kick lately after all), but what’s interesting is that they have chosen to create an “It” accessory to go along with the scent.

After much hype and anticipation, we now have a better idea of the full collection and the release date. The capsule collection features the ‘Elevator Music’ eau de parfum fragrance, hair mist and hand cream. On top of that, a line of graphic tees, handbags and denim pieces in the signature industrial OFF-White style in Byredo’s monochromatic colours will be complimenting the fragrance launch.

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Check out the full ‘Elevator Music’ collection below:

But what does “Elevator Music” smell like, you may ask? Elevator music, as the name implies, is supposed to be a subtle skin scent. It’s not loud, or screechy – a musky, woody floral with a heart of amber and an amyris base.

“[Ben] Gorham explains that young people often don’t like the idea of wearing fragrance – and so, like elevator music, “we wanted the scent to play a background to life,” says Virgil Abloh. 

Inspired by Brian Eno’s ambient melodies, Virgil and Ben claim that this is a fragrance that creates an aura and is meant to be in the background rather than the foreground. It’s heavy on the musky ambrette, slightly sweet and green, thanks to the hint of bamboo and violet. Virgil said that it is his first time designing something invisible and the olfactive profile is exactly that, invisible and barely detectable. It’s made for those who prefer a more understated, minimalist fragrance.

Needless to say, the entire collection is unisex and will appeal to hypebeast afficiandos and fragrance enthusiasts alike.

The Off-White x Byredo Collaboration will be available May 2018.

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