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Photos: Courtesy of Superdry

When you’re a cool, street brand like Superdry, what do you do when you want to launch your latest collection? Just any old campaign simply won’t do. The brand tapped on a bunch of local talents, such as musicians Sam Rui, Jasmine Sokko as well as tattoo artist, Bradley Tan, to help out. Dressed in the latest Fall/Winter 2017 collection, you can see them going about their daily activities in the newly launched video series.

Check them out here:

Sam Rui

Sam Rui  is a rising artist who has performed at Laneway 2017 and before that she opened for acts like the Sam Willows in front of an audience of 2500. Her single called “Better” was number one is Spotify’s Viral 50 chart in Singapore and you will get to catch her live at Superdry’s Supercharged event this week. She rocks an uber cool denim or denim look over a cropped tank for a “bad girl” vibe that syncs harmoniously with her hair and makeup.

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Jasmine Sokko

Another musician Superdry is collaborating with is none other than Jasmine Sokko, who has recently released an EP called Nº. Her EP, currently streaming on iTunes and Spotify, tells a story of misplaced identities and concealed true selfs that don’t align with the majority. This is visually portrayed by the black visor Jasmine dons throughout the video. Her outfits from Superdry’s FW17 provides an alternative styling that is both edgy and futuristic.

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Bradley Tan

Bradley Tan was featured in our Ultimate Tattoo Guide and is a master at realism tattoos. Often times, tattoo artists get excluded in the bracket of “talent” as their work is certainly off the beaten path. As perceptions of tattoos have changed drastically since the past, more and more tattoo artists like Bradley are viewed to be artists in their own field. Superdry taps on these talents to collaborate and shine a light on their work. Bradley is dressed comfortably in Superdry as he goes about his daily tasks. It fits not just his lifestyle, but his edgy image that is very on brand.

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The best part? You can party with them this weekend! To celebrate their Fall/Winter 2017 campaign, just like all the cool kids, Superdry is throwing a “Supercharged” party on 14 October 2017, where you can see their Fall/Winter collection first hand at the Supercharged street fashion show at Mandarin Gallery.

The event starts at 7pm till 9.30pm and there will be performances by DJ Tang, Sam Rui and Jasmine Sokko. You can find more info on the event here.

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