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If you haven’t heard of it already, the new “thrift flip” trend has been blowing up lately on social media, be it YouTube or TikTok. Suddenly, the fashion girls are getting crafty with their sewing machines, hot glue-guns, scissors, and other materials. Essentially, the DIY trend focuses on reworking old clothes and giving them a new lease of life—a pretty admirable effort towards sustainability if we may addWhether it’s transforming a grandmother-style dress into a gorgeous mini one or simply creating a stylish new two-piece co-ord out of a baggy sweater, it’s safe to say that there are endless ways of flipping your old wardrobe into something that’s more wearable and chic. Ahead, we share 5 different thrift flip videos for you to get inspired and how you can start customising your own.

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1. Ashley Of Best Dressed Shows Us Her Take On Thrift Flips In Quarantine

If you’ve followed Ashley‘s YouTube channel Best Dressed, you’ll know that she has a clear love for vintage fashion and thrifting, so it comes as no surprise that she has gotten herself into re-working garments too. In this special thrift flip video filmed during the quarantine, Ashley manages to entertain us with her humorous commentary and blow our minds with dazzling final products.

2. Watch WithWendy Recreate A Cecilie Bahnsen Coat Worth $2000 USD

WithWendy is one of the most talented fashion DIY YouTubers out there who has created some exceptional outfits out of old and thrifted clothes, making her own versions of Rihanna‘s Fenty outfits and trying to give her subscribers’ old clothes a makeover through Photoshop. Here, Wendy truly went head-on to mimic the look of Cecilie Bahnsen‘s oversized coat out of a blanket and we have to say it’s a pretty remarkable feat.

3. Nava Rose Gives Old Prada A Personal Touch

You may have seen her on your TikTok home page but we’ve got to hand it to Nava Rose who has been able to give her old clothes an update so good we can actually see them worn on celebrities like Bella Hadid. In this video, she takes DIY to the next level as she attempts to flip a Prada outfit into an incredible creation that resonates more with her personal style. For those who aren’t adept with a needle and thread and want to start your DIY journey, Nava also has some no-sew tutorials on her YouTube channel.

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4. The Line Up’s Julia Dang Shows Us You Can Look Cool For The Summer In This Thrift Flip

Julia Dang gives the conventional thrift flip a refreshing cool-girl vibe. In this video, she creates a neutral-toned outfit inspired by contemporary designers Natalie Rolt and Christopher Esber, and a snakeskin bikini (out of fabric from a maxi dress) that’s perfect for poolside chilling.

5. Thrift Flip The Simpler Way With Rachel Spencer Of Rachspeed

If you’re a thrift flip beginner trying to figure quick, easy ways to get started, follow this video by Fashion and Lifestyle YouTuber, Rachel Spencer, who shows you how you can make your own denim skirt, a simple co-ord set and how to tie-dye with bleach.

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