Valentino Candystud Factory in Beijing

As you may have heard, Valentino has opened a pop-up store in Beijing last week dedicated to non-other than the maison’s Candystud bags. First seen down the runway at Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2018 show in Paris, and then on the arms of celebrities such as Dakota Fanning, Tessa Thompson and streetstyle maven, Aimee Song, the Candystud bags have been a cult favourite ever since.

Now, what is the first-ever Valentino Candystud Factory pop-up store like? And what do they have installed for the exclusive space? Who were the celebrities who graced the opening event? Any Instagram-worthy spots? We took a walk through and here are the details for you.

  1. 1. The First-Ever Valentino Candystud Factory Pop-up store

  2. Just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Valentino Candystud Factory is something of fairy tales (or even dreams) are made of. Located in the Beijing’s young and dynamic neighbourhood of Sanlitun, the store is surely not to be missed with its cotton candy pink exterior and interior—yup, you heard that right, the whole pop up store is covered entirely in pink!

Fashioned like a handbag factory, you’ll find yourself in disbelief (the best way) as you make your way through the doors into an ethereal world where Valentino Garavani Candystud bags are doing little twirls on conveyor belts, sneakers are on display in their own capsule bubbles, and plush velvet seats welcome you as you immerse yourself in the savoir faire of Maison Valentino.

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2. Exclusive and Limited Edition Valentino Garavani Candystud bags

Valentino has teamed up with Chinese giant, Alibaba, and has launched two exclusive limited edition Candystud bags just for this pop up store in Beijing. One in PVC and the other in Water Rose leather, the two Valentino Garavani Candystud bags are exclusively retailed on Tmall, and are only on display at Valentino Candystudy Factory.

We just received news that within less than a week of the bags’ launch, they are both sold out! While these babies are still on display at the pop up store for all to admire and lust after, we’re unsure if Valentino will be opening up another pre-order for the them, but let’s keep our fingers crossed!

3. Exclusive Valentino Garavani Sneakers

Something else exclusive to the Valentino Candystud Factory are four pairs of Valentino Garavani sneakers. From striped versions, to one covered in polka dot-like studs, to one simply adorned with candy-hued studs—you can try them all on at the pop up itself, and purchase them then and there! However, you can purchase them on Tmall as well.

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4. Exclusive Leather Goods

We live in an era where personalisation and uniqueness are key. Add a fun-loving touch to your bags with exclusive bag charms, or clothe your iPhone X with a gold leather phone case, and what’s a better statement-maker at meetings or classes than a understated yet chic pencil case? Perfect as gifts, or for yourself, all leather goods mentioned are sold exclusively at the Valentino Candystud Factory.

5. Instagram-worthy Spots

As perfectly demonstrated by the celebrities who graced the opening of Valentino Candystud Factory last week, the entire store is made for photo opportunities. While fans screamed in delight as EXO member and actor, Lay Zhang, posed effortlessly in front of the wall of Valentino Garavani Candystud bags, we couldn’t help but day dream about having an that same wall in our homes.

Fun, amusing, and whimsical, the Valentino Candystud Factory in Beijing is definitely a shopping experience that embraces the spirit of frivolity yet still uplifting the maison’s expert craftsmanship and allure.

The Valentino Candystud Factory Pop Up Store is located at The Red, Taikoo Li Sanlitun North (just behind The Opposite House), Beijing, and will be opened daily from 11am to 10pm, through till 17 May 2018.

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