Willow Smith Stars In Chanel's New Eyewear Campaign
Photo: Chanel

For their latest eye wear campaign, Chanel has taken on board Willow Smith – and all of her edgy coolness – to be the face of the campaign. This may be Willow’s first Chanel campaign, but the dynamic trendsetter has long caught the eyes of Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld – who welcomed her into the family as both a muse and an ambassadress.

Much like the campaign’s predecessor, Cara Delevingne, Willow is a one of a kind; a fashion maverick with an authenticity that is truly and utterly hers. In the video, against a white backdrop, Willow sways mellowly to the soulful music as Karl Lagerfeld (the photographer for the campaign) captures her free-spirited youthfulness. (The immaculateness of her dreadlocks is also something to swoon over.)

Watch the video below:


By James Lennon Chuang