Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim
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As TikTok continues to gain popularity amongst the masses and global superstars, it is no surprise that the social networking app has gone on to garner attention from the fashion set, especially during this time with many staying indoors. The trending platform has continued making waves among designers, models and rising style influencers who enjoy reaching out to the community with their creative and uplifting content.

Between video takes of chic outfits, artistic shots and hidden dance moves, these are all the fashion personalities you should be checking out on TikTok.

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Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim or better known for her TikTok moniker as Rich Mom has been going viral on the social networking app for her incredible videos where she shares everything from the behind-the-scenes of her lavish lifestyle, to moments with the family and impressive beauty tricks.

Emily Ratajkowski

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski shows us she’s all about having fun in her downtime, showing us what she gets up to at home—whether it’s getting in a quick dance or lipsync videos.


One of the first fashion designers on the bandwagon, Simon Jacquemus has taken his brand onto TikTok, delivering aspirational and hilarious content on his collections.

Young Emperors

Très chic and ultra fab, Young Emperors is hands-down one of the most stylish Parisienne couples you can find on TikTok.

Brittany Xavier

Talk about a hip mum – fashion personality Brittany Xavier scores tens across the board with her well-thought-out TikTok videos where she documents her latest adventures and chic outfits, including guest-appearances by sporting husband, Anthony, and 13-year old daughter, Jadyn.

Olivier Rousteing

Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing has been slaying the TikTok game, giving us a fun and exclusive look into everything from his personal life to brand developments.

Leonie Hanne

Though Leonie is relatively new to TikTok, she’s been actively churning out endless amounts of aspiring and stylish content – whether it’s holiday throwbacks, outfit styling or bouts of comedy.

Irene Kim

Easily one of the most fashionable dancing queens on TikTok, Korean-American fashion entrepreneur Irene Kim has been able to constantly ace pretty much any dance challenge.

Kelsey Merritt

Little would you know that this Victoria’s Secret model’s newfound hobby is creating homemade TikTok videos… Stick around if you’re want to see what the model gets up to in her free time, from comedic lipsync videos to dance challenges.

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Joe Ando-Hirsh

Based in NYC as a fashion student and actor, Joe Ando-Hirsh‘s TikTok videos are super fun to watch, especially when he goes through the design process of creating new clothes for both himself and girlfriend, Niamh Adkins.

Tezza (a.k.a. Tessa Barton)

Known for her bold fashion choices, Tezza‘s been killing it on TikTok with her statement-making and candid videos of her stylish adventures.

Heart Evangelista

If you can’t get enough of Heart Evangelista‘s glamourous life on Instagram, you’ll absolutely love her TikTok channel. It’s candid, stunning and completely addictive, if we can say so ourselves.

Caroline Daur

If you’re into fashion, dance and fitness content, Caroline Daur constantly updates her TikTok channel with the latest workout routines she’s been working on, outfit styling and dance challenges.

Iman Fandi

Singapore’s Gen-Z model Iman Fandi never fails to keeps it youthful on her TikTok, be it busting a move to a new dance challenge, singing or getting up to something fun.

Alice + Olivia

Contemporary fashion brand Alice + Olivia has been shaking it up on TikTok with eclectic fashion videos and more recently, a large appearance by brand CEO Stacey Bendet‘s kids with the home quarantine measures in motion.

Fiona Fussi

Starting her TikTok last March, local model Fiona Fussi enjoys getting up to the latest dance challenges in her spare time.

Yan Yan Chan

Though Australian style influencer Yan Yan Chan‘s a newbie to TikTok, she’s been turning out captivating videos that’ll get your attention, from a stylish ‘Get Ready With Me‘ to a look into books she’ll be indulging in during this self-isolation period.

Isabel Tan

Singaporean fashion influencer Isabel, otherwise known as Prettyfrowns, has been a new regular on TikTok, showing us the latest happenings in her home—be it trying a new face mask or a demonstration of what she’s made for breakfast.

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