Guide To Navigating Paris Fashion Week In Style: Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh
EIC Kenneth Goh in Paris during Fashion Week, wearing Maison Valentino and Matériel Tbilisi.

Each season, the fashion industry’s biggest heavyweights journey to the City of Lights for Paris Fashion Week. From magazine editors to the hottest celebrities and the most-followed influencers on social media, anyone who’s a fashion insider will be there—front and centre at luxury fashion’s biggest runway shows and presentations.

In this series, BAZAAR speaks with industry experts on their top tips on navigating Paris in style. Below, Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh kicks things off with his hot take.

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What does a typical day during Paris Fashion Week look like for you? 

Hectic! My day begins at 6am to clear work emails, followed by a quick workout at 7.30am before getting ready to leave my hotel at 9am for the first show. Then, it’s a mad rush from shows to meetings and business lunches and dinners that end at 9pm. After that, it’s back to the hotel for a quick shower before catching up on emails, and prepping for the next day. I go to bed at midnight, and then the same routine starts all over again the next day.

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In all your years travelling to Paris, what still excites you about the city? 

Paris truly is the most romantic city in the world. The walks across the bridge from the right to left bank are just magical—especially at sunset when the whole city is bathed in golden light. 

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What are some of your must-haves while travelling to Paris for fashion week? 

Mobile charges on the go, lots of melatonin, facial mists and oils. Oh, and a handy, portable steamer!

Must-visit bars?

I love the Bar Josephine in Hotel Lutetia for cocktails with friends and clients because it’s so beautiful with the art deco fittings. And the service is par excellence. 

And must-visit places in Paris?

I love the curate at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. And because it’s just a stone’s throw away from the chic Hotel Lutetia, I drop in whenever I have spare hours in between shows. 

Can you tell us the must-buy items while in Paris? 

I must visit Citypharma to get all my specialised eczema creams and potions. And of course, Pierre Hermé for macaroons! 

Can you share with us what are the best places to stay while in Paris and why? 

I stayed at Hotel Lutetia during my last trip there, and now am a huge fan. It has beautiful interiors, incredibly contemporary suites, and a splendid gym. It’s also close to great dining spots such as Bar Josephine and Bar du Letetia, making for a chic stay in the city of lights.