Heart Evangelista

Photo: @iamhearte / Instagram

Each season, the fashion industry’s biggest heavyweights journey to the City of Lights for Paris Fashion Week. From magazine editors to the hottest celebrities and the most-followed influencers on social media, anyone who’s a fashion insider will be there—front and centre at luxury fashion’s biggest runway shows and presentations.

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In this series, BAZAAR speaks with industry experts on their top tips on navigating Paris in style. Here, style icon Heart Evangelista shares her hot takes. 

What does a typical day during Paris Fashion Week look like for you?

A typical fashion week day would begin with sunblock—loads of it! I’ll then get some breakfast; typically a basket of croissants, butter and jam. I usually prepare all my outfits for the day and, as much as possible, we take all of them with us and change in the van. This is the typical Filipino actress’ way—fast, stress-free and prefect for the chaos that is fashion week.

After a long day of shows, I love soaking in a hot tub with epsom salt. I also try to be as productive as possible so I’ll edit my vlogs and Instagram reels everyday. Overall, it’s usually a pretty hectic day, but I love being productive!

In all your years of travelling to Paris, what still excites you about the city?

Paris is full of surprises! This is especially since I am someone who is very much grateful for meeting new people, experiencing little moments and just going with the flow. Paris is the grand marriage of fashion and the arts. It’s the old world preserved by love and I am all for love! As cliché as it sounds, Paris is the city of love.

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What are some of your must-haves while travelling to Paris for fashion week?

Creativity wrapped with all sorts of textures, clothes and couture! If creativity was an item, it would be the winner of all things. One can never know how their day might turn out.

Other than that, I’ve recently learned how much a portable steamer can save the day. Boots, heels, flats, the highest pair of platform shoes; basically, any shoes that can transform any look. Lastly, a bag of chips!

In your opinion, what are the must-visit places in Paris?

Le Village Saint-Paul. It’s a timeless place in Paris, in small cobbled streets where you can stroll around the brocantes, antiques, galleries, artisans and restaurants. It’s a very nice place to find wonders.

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In your opinion, what are the top three must-buy items while in Paris?

Firstly, croissants from Stohrer. It’s the best place for croissants in my opinion. Secondly, coffee table books at Assouline. Finally, anything that would put a smile on my face!

In your opinion, where are the best places to stay while in Paris and why?

I always loved the magic of Le Meurice. It’s close to all of the main shops. Plus, high tea at Cedric Grolet is always a great idea!