Nychaa Nuttanicha flew into Paris to attend the Saint Laurent Summer 2024 fashion show at Palace de Varsovie. BAZAAR spoke to the Thai actress about her impressions of the show and Paris, the city of fashion.

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Hi Nychaa, it is nice to have you here with us. How was your day in Paris?

Hello, nice to see you again! I feel like Paris has very good weather today. Overall, I feel wonderful about coming to Paris this time because it is a trip that I had really been waiting for and when I made it, I felt very happy.

What’s your favorite thing about Paris so far?

I love the art and architecture here! In Paris, no matter where you go, you can see art all over the city without having to enter the museums.

What did you expect to experience from Saint Laurent’s Summer 24 show?

I thought it must have very good energy because just coming here makes me feel really good. When I saw it with my own eyes and was sitting in the show, it really made me feel amazing. Everything was done very well and exceeded what I expected, including the performance, lights, song, background, clothing, and all the details. Everything seemed very powerful, very strong, very much like the Saint Laurent brand. I felt very connected, especially when I was sitting in the show, it was more than I expected.

You looked amazing at the event. Please tell us about your look, and why this look appealed to you the most?

Firstly, I have to say that I really like all the blazers of Saint Laurent from this collection. Especially the shoulders of every blazer, which gives a strong look. The one I chose to wear to the show was the one that I liked the texture and pattern of the fabric. The blazer is another type of fabric, and the inside shirt is a thin see-through fabric. As for the pants, it’s another material. When everything comes together, it makes the look more dimensional and beautiful. That is why I chose this look to wear to the Saint Laurent show.

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Tell us about your feelings and the highlights for Saint Laurent’s Summer 24 show?

I feel good and really like it. I like the shape of the clothes, especially in those jumpsuit pieces, they look the same but still have the shoulders straight in the Saint Laurent style. They look like they have a clear and cool shape. I also like fabric shirts that are see-through, which have many dimensions and various shapes, in this collection as well. I feel that it would be suitable to wear them in Thailand because the various looks in this collection can be worn in tropical countries. It looks cool and powerful in the style of Saint Laurent women. I really like it.

If you can pick your 3 favourite looks from the show to describe your personalities, can you tell us which look you would pick and why each look connects to you?

The first outfit that I chose is a jumpsuit with straight shoulders because I like to wear clothes that are comfortable, flexible, and simple, but still have good designs that give a cool and powerful feminine look that is expressed through the clothes. This set really answers what I need.

The second outfit is a long-sleeved sheer shirt with burgundy cargo pants. I really like it because I also like to wear pants and long-sleeved shirts, as the brand designs it with different dimensions and textures. It’s something that really meets my expectations because wearing it gives me comfort, flexibility, and more confidence in myself.

As for the last outfit, I think it might be a black dress with an open back. It’s an outfit that makes me feel like I must go out to party. I will choose this outfit as my go-to because it is a look that best represents myself. The material looks flowy, and beautiful, and has very strong details. It makes me feel like these 3 looks really answer what I truly want.

Tell us your most impressive moment on this trip.

The thing that impressed me the most on this trip was the moment when I sat down and watched the show. It was a moment that made me feel very impressed, with the lights, colors, and music at the beginning, and in the background, there is the Eiffel Tower. Moreover, the combination of marble patterns placed together in the show made everything look so perfect. It was a show that provided good energy for me from the moment the show started. It was like I was involved in this show all the time.

Any special restaurants or foods that you would like to recommend to people who are going to France?

Yes, there is one menu that I really like: garlic buttered Escargot. I would like to invite anyone who has never tried it yet to come and try it. It is a delicious menu and the origin of this menu is also in France.

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This article originally appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR Thailand.