Paris Fashion Week: 10 Best Looks From Chanel FW17

Ground Control to Major Karl! Major is right. As models walked out of a space station-looking hut—like straight out of The Martian—they circled a giant all-white rocket ship, so sleek and streamlined even Steve Jobs and Elon Musk would approve of the design. (And not to bury the lede—yes, it did take off, plumes of smoke and everything.) The clothes that circled it were Mod and undeniably Chanel.

In Karl Lagerfeld‘s vision of space, women only wear black, ivory and silver with hits of soft pink and maybe some denim. If silver leather and shearling jackets and above-the-knee shorts, paired with black toe-capped silver gogo boots, are his version of Martian R&R gear, sign us up.

Otherwise, the runway was heavy on boucle, done as short and skirt suits, coats, dresses and everything in between. In other words, true Chanel. The only change was in how they were styled: Some with a quilted space blankets, others with a large pouch/muff bag worn hanging from the neck, many layered over extra long knits and metallic tights.

The knits were particularly great and at the risk of sounding gauche, practical. Practical and chic are not mutually exclusive, though. In an age when temperatures swing 25 degrees in 24 hours, a girl needs to be ready to layer up or down. Chanel’s knits offered slim long-sleeved looks that worked off the texture of boucle or the metallic motif. Dress it up with some signature double cuffs (worn over the sleeve, of course), et voila.

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