10 Fashionable Raincoats To Battle Summer Showers

Summer isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Singapore’s tropical climate has us experiencing heavy rainfall before switching to scorching heat. The temperamental weather means we have to be ready for everything! Besides a trusty foldable umbrella, raincoats are the perfect way to go, especially against windswept thunderstorms that might still leave you soaking wet (we’ve all been there).

Before you scoff at the idea of wearing a raincoat as an adult, don’t brush this off just yet! We aren’t talking about the ghastly crumpled ponchos used at music festivals or National Day parades that resemble a trash bag with a hood. The key is to find the perfect raincoat that will actually add to your outfit, rather than detract from it. Treat it like another key addition to your wardrobe and take some inspiration from these fashionphiles below.


Rita Ora (left), Fashion blogger (right). Photo: Getty

Seeing that it’s been raining periodically these days, we’ve rounded up the chicest of raincoats! Other than letting you go hands-free as you strut through summer showers in style, these waterproof coats also keep your clothes perfectly dry no matter how strong the winds can get.

Click through ten of our favourite raincoats. You’re welcome.

By Gracia Phang and Hanan Haddad

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