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Where do you even begin when you start to think of gift ideas when it comes to Father’s Day? Mugs and and the odd gift voucher may have looked cute when you were 12 but it’s time to level up. There are so many types of fathers out there from active dads, to tech dads, to the sartorial fathers who put men half their age to shame. With Father’s Day fast approaching (June 21), it’s time to pay homage to all the “cool” dads in our lives with some ideas that will fit just about any family patriarch.

1) The Young-At-Heart

These are the dads that we wouldn’t be afraid to ask for fashion advice or… maybe dip into their closets for a little fashion hunt.

2) The Sporty Dad

If your dad is mad about sports (or just trying to get rid of some love handles), here are some suggestions that will get your dad back in the fitness game!

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3) The Sartorial Dad

For all the fashion-conscious father’s out there who never leave the house looking anything but dapper.

4) The “Stoic” Dad

Perhaps one of the most common “archetypes”—if you will—of fathers out there, these are the dads that are the hardest to shop for. The ones who’ve seen it all, content with just about anything. These ideas are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of even the most neutral of fathers.

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5) The “Hungry” Dad

For the most part when it comes to the man of the house, there usually is a big appetite.

6) The Techie Dad

These gifts are for the dads we don’t give enough credit to for their tech-prowess. Simplify your dad’s life with these tech products.

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7) Travelling Globe-Trotter Dad

Dad’s just want to have an escape as well. These are best “must have” items for dads to bring on their vacation.