In a year where so much of the familiar has become unfamiliar, and vice versa, Silvia Venturini Fendi wanted to take that idea and turn it into beautiful, light-hearted fashion. And thus, a Fendi collection filled with classics twisted by a sense of playfulness was born—where neutrals are punctuated by technicoloured brights and jewel tones, and loungewear, sleepwear and workwear are elevated into seriously luxurious statements. The designer also enlisted Noel Fielding for a collaboration. The multi-disciplinary performer and artist is known for drawing on the absurd and the whimsical, and combining them with references plucked from the underground and counterculture to create his brightly coloured, richly textured paintings. The partnership yielded a new take on the iconic Peekaboo. Part psychedelic, part Pop Art, Fielding’s version sees the artist abstracting the Fendi logo into a delightfully naïve and playful scribble.

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