Fresh Start: Alexander Wang Opens First Store In Europe

After his peaceful unconscious coupling with Balenciaga, the American wunderkind launches his first store on the European continent—in the heart of London


Photo: Alexander Wang

If you’re still mourning the separation of Balenciaga and Alexander Wang, there’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer you up. You can always count on Wang to land on his feet, and he has done just that—the designer has just announced the opening of his first store in Europe. Located in the swanky Mayfair district, the store is every Wanglophile’s dream: Silver travertine columns, beams and in-wall niches made of matte black recycled rubber, elegant, curved and continuous chrome tubes and other raw architectural details abound.

It’s a pretty impressive makeover considering that the building used to be a post office. Wang worked with the renowned Dutch architect Vincent van Duysen on the design and the result was a stunning paean to modern architecture. “I’ve always loved London and I am so proud and excited to open my first European flagship store here,” said Wang. “The multi-level space and the historical structure of the building gave us the opportunity to evolve our retail concept, and to adapt it specifically to this location.”


Photo: Alexander Wang



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