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Italian footwear brand GEOX is known for their highly innovative shoes that are not only functional but come with a contemporary design. Their shoes are seen as classical yet casual, while embodying Italian stylishness with a high standard of quality. Now you can experience what the brand has to offer with their new concept store in Singapore.

GEOX has opened their first X Store concept in Singapore located at Paragon. The store successfully fuses various design elements under one roof, but their main driving vision stemmed from a desire to convey their brand essence—Italian Quality, Contemporary Design, Sustainability and Digital Technology.

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At the same time, the pioneering core of the new store rests on a digitalised screen which explains the principle of breathability to customers, regaling them with details on current trends and the collections available. Physical sensation and digital technology enmesh to create a magical dimension where you will be able to learn more about the brand, creating a more immersive shopping experience.

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For their Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, expect a mishmash of cultural references, fusing both Western and Eastern elements to create a collection that is colourful yet glamorous. But of course the selling point has to be the famous GEOX breathable waterproof soles which showcase the brand’s focus on innovation. Expect patchwork in rich hues as well as cool animal prints for a fashion forward look in their latest collection. As for the Amphibiox range, expect waterproof shoes that are suitable for the worst weather conditions, where lace-ups and slip-ons come in natural hues which contrast with the sturdy white sole for a mountain chic look.

BAZAAR speaks exclusively with the man responsible for GEOX, Mario Moretti Polegato, as he talks about sustainability, their new concept store in Singapore and of course shoes!

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  • GEOX invented ‘the shoe that breathes’. Can you tell us more about the brand’s breathable innovations?

The GEOX philosophy is for every lady to be free. We offer women comfortable shoes that are breathable and exude Italian craftsmanship. We create shoes for women who love to travel. Inside our shoes we have special insoles which help with breathability because they have holes in them and they remain completely waterproof even when it rains. This innovation is exclusive only to GEOX and no other pair of shoes in the market embody this technology.

GEOX is known for their innovative technology. How has the brand stayed innovative while creating products that are functional yet stylish?

We have a special design team headed by Ernesto Esposito who has worked for numerous fashion brands and he now designs shoes for our women’s collection. We now have numerous designs that are colourful because women love colour, and we have even created GEOX heels where we have incorporated our philosophy of comfort into them, as well as breathability.

Could you tell us more about the new concept X Store at Paragon? What sets it apart from other stores?

GEOX is a contemporary brand and just like this store, the design of the store is representative of the future.

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  • What inspired the AW19 collection, and what would you like to convey?

The inspiration is Venice where we see many handmade glass windows in the city. The colour blocking of the shoes remind me of the colourful windows in the Italian city of Venice.

What are some of your favourite GEOX products, and why?

My favourite shoe is any from the Amphibiox range, because I travel a lot. When I travel, I travel light and with Amphibiox, the shoe is breathable and totally waterproof, perfect for me. All around the shoe we have the special membrane that makes the shoe waterproof. I know when I wear my Amphibiox, I will remain dry in any weather situation I will face whenever I travel.

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  • GEOX is now creating jackets to go with the shoes, tell us more about it.

GEOX is revolutionary when it comes to the use of technology. We have even created jackets to match the shoes we design. The jackets have a special lining that GEOX has specially created to help with breathability as well as keeping them extremely waterproof. At the moment, we are creating only jackets, where the design is typical of Italian and French style by a dedicated apparel design team.

With sustainability being a huge topic in fashion at the moment, can you tell us more about the brand’s commitment to sustainability and the “Sustainable Innovation” programme that GEOX has set in place?

We work closely with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) because we started a collaboration to protect the animals. This is a 3-year project where we made kids’ shoes out of recyclable materials and organic cotton. Profits from the shoes we sold go to charity. We also have shoes made from recycled PVC bottles. Not only do we want to create shoes that are sustainable, but we also want to create a sustainable business.

Check out the new GEOX X Store located on Level 3 at Paragon. 

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