Naomi Campbell, Givenchy
Naomi Campbell walks the runway during Givenchy’s spring 2016 menswear presentation

Come September, New York Fashion Week will see a new addition to its packed calendar: Givenchy.

The move ties in with the opening of the brand’s 5,000-sq-ft store at Madison Ave and is Givenchy’s way of increasing its presence in the U.S. It currently has two other stores on American soil—one in Miami, the other in Las Vegas.

New York has played a significant part in the brand’s history too. Its founder, Hubert de Givenchy, was reportedly among some of the designers who showed collections in the city during the stages of their career.

Held on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Tisci touched on the sensitive issue by calling the show a celebration of “family and love”. However, if his recent collections are anything to go by, the decision to show in New York is perhaps one that’s a long time coming.

Givenchy menswear fall 2013
Star Spangled Banner as seen on Givenchy’s fall 2013 menswear show

Besides frequently visiting religious themes in his American sportswear-influenced designs, Tisci has admitted his childhood fascination with the Land of the Free. That obsession culminated into a love song for the brand’s fall 2013 menswear collection, where sweaters were emblazoned with the words “Amerika” or prints of the Star Spangled Banner (the flag has become a recurring motif in many of the brand’s products since).

Givenchy fall 2014 menswear
Givenchy hits slam dunk with a Bahaus meets basketball fall 2014 collection
Givenchy fall 2015
Panel velvet number as seen at the Givenchy fall 2015 show

Two seasons later, Tisci dedicated another menswear collection to basketball, conjuring athletic clothes fit for a new breed of NBA players. And then there’s his perosnal collaboration with Nike in 2014—another American institution. Most recently, the “Californian chola girl” appears on the mood board of Givenchy’s upcoming fall collection, her influence manifesting into slinky velvet numbers and embroidered dresses.