Why Don't You Buy … a Green Gucci Chair?
Photo: Gucci

Some might attribute the beige-ification of interiors and style to Instagram. After all, those likes just pour in for any article of clothing, it couch, or curtain in a neutral shade of tan, cream, or white. But while we’re always down for some minimalist restraint, boredom will start to set in if we don’t get a little colour on our feeds—and in our homes—soon.

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Enter: Gucci interiors. Under the careful watch of Alessandro Michele, the Italian brand is all about joy, vintage inspiration, and maybe some chintz—taking over wardrobes and now houseware, with a collection that’s been in full swing for years. Tiger-print pillows and flamingo wallpaper grace the pages of shelter magazines and rooms of in-the-know interiors lovers the world over, but there’s one chair out there that feels like a particular game changer.

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Created out of beechwood and featuring a floral-print velvet cushion emblazoned with a spaniel, the Francesina chair winks at you while adding just the right jolt of energy. It’s the interiors equivalent of a statement bag—something that lets your personality shine through when you’re in simple jeans and a tee. Why not place it next to a marble fireplace or at the head of your dining room table? Add it to an otherwise all-cream bedroom or use it as an unexpected desk chair. Either way it’ll leave people wondering, who is this person with a very expensive chair with a dog on it? What does she know that we don’t?

This article originally appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US