Photo: Instagram

Meme culture officially reached new heights today with the introduction of Gucci memes. Yes, really.

The fashion house unveiled its first ever meme campaign on Instagram using the hashtag, #TFWGucci (That Feeling When Gucci, for those not fluent in meme-speak). The high fashion memes are celebrating the launch of Gucci’s new watch collection, Les Marché Des Merveilles, because the year is 2017 and how else does one advertise luxury watches?

To promote the new collection, Gucci collaborated with Instagram meme-makers hand-picked by Alessandro Michele, like @beigecardigan and @youvegotnomale, for some fashion-inspired memes that showcase Gucci’s latest watches.

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Some were a tad niche and used words a little more eloquent than your favourite F*ck Jerry posts.

But the fashion house proved it has definitely got a sense of humour.

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Does this mean we’ve officially reached peak meme culture?

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US