As she prepares to drop new music, Gwen Stefani is paying homage to her musical roots.

Yesterday, the singer posted a selfie of herself dressed in the iconic outfit from No Doubt‘s “Just a Girl” music video (which dropped 25 years ago, if you feel like aging yourself today). The look, composed of a cropped white tank top with red and blue stripes, and baggy blue track pants, was finished off with a pompadour ponytail and bright red lipstick.

“U ready for my new single?” Stefani wrote in the caption. “🌟 gx #LetMeReintroduceMyself.”

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This isn’t the first time that Stefani has treated fans to a nostalgic throwback to her No Doubt days. The 51-year-old singer also recently revealed on Instagram a new cover art image that shows her personal evolution. On the cover, Stefani, dressed in the red, white, and blue “Just a Girl” ensemble, points toward a more modern iteration of herself dressed in risqué black fishnets and thigh-high boots.

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On The View last year, Stefani talked about where her songwriting prowess came from while penning “Just a Girl,” which has since become a feminist anthem, saying, “When I wrote the song, I was just so naïve. I literally hadn’t even written very many songs,” she said. “I didn’t even know who I was. … I wrote this song because I feel like I was just getting in touch with that feeling. When you’re born, if you’re a female, you just don’t think about it, you’re just a human. … And then through life, you sort of start to realize, ‘Oh, someone just whistled? What does that mean?’ You get this power through your sexuality, but then you’re vulnerable at the same time because all of a sudden you’re a victim.”

She went on, “You have all these awarenesses as you’re getting older, and I just wanted to write a song about that. I thought the idea of ‘just a girl’ is sarcastic. I never thought anyone would hear the song or that I would be sitting here talking about it all these years later. But I feel proud of it.”

This article originally appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US.

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