chiara-ferragni2Happy 28th birthday, Chiara Ferragni! We thank her and her blog, theblondesalad, for constant style updates and #OOTD inspirations. From her perfectly-tousled blonde hair to piercing blue eyes and modelesque frame, the blonde salad indeed never stops. Let’s not forget her latest Chiara Ferragni shoe collection, that are ever-so-easy to prance around with. We got a chance to catch up with the blogger cum fashion designer recently, and while she’s in Europe blowing out her candles, here are 10 fun facts about Chiara.

Wearing a stunning Calvin Klein gowwn at the recent MET Gala
Wearing a stunning Calvin Klein gowwn at the recent MET Gala

1. She studied law in school. Yep, the girl has both brains and beauty.

2. She is also the only fashion blogger to land on Forbe’s “30 Under 30” list, because her yearly revenue is worth—wait for this—$8 million.

3. As a fashion designer herself, of course she would appear as a guest judge on Project Runway.


4. According to her, the most common misconception about her is that people think she’s a bitch. Trust us, she’s not, we can vouch for that.

5. She is a massive fan of tattoos and one of it is a Mickey Mouse taking a selfie on her wrist!


6. Her favourite movie is 1994 cult classic Forrest Gump.

7. She can’t dance for nuts. Maybe only the macarena. Not convinced? Watch her attempt Gangnam Style here.

8. For someone who travels so much, you’d be surprised to learn that she used to have a phobia of flying, even when she just started out her career.


9. Her blog,, is handled by 16 people.

10. Can’t get enough of the Ferragni DNA? You’ll be pleased to know she has two younger sisters, Valentina, 17 and Francesca, 21.

Photos: theblondesalad