H&M teams up with MIA
Photo: H&M

In support of the first Global Recycling Week, Swedish high street giant H&M has teamed up with British rapper M.I.A to further their stance on sustainable practices in fashion. Specifically tackling recycling unwanted garments to diminish landfill use, the fashion company is advocating re-purposing of fabric waste to create reusable textile fibres for new clothes. If that sounds like something that you could get on board with, H&M will be launching a global garment collecting program from 18-24 April, through which it aims to raise 1000 tonnes of unwanted garments (regardless of its condition), from customers across its 3600 stores worldwide. Here’s where M.I.A comes in: The rapper will be dropping an exclusive music video on hm.com on 11 April to raise awareness and spark global interest in this recycling movement. Judging by the first image H&M has released (above), we’re going to go with our hunch and say that it’s going to be one cool MV.

By James Lennon Tan